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Something better than benadryn for allergy?

Answered by a doctor

My boyfriend uses benadryn every day because of allergic reaction he suffers every summer. It seems to me that is not helpful enough because it does not relieves him from congestion. In fact, its effect lasts really short, so he has to take it very often and I think that it is the right way for...

by User avatar holston2927

Mixing Prescription & OTC drugs

My Dr. just prescibed Avalox for a sinus infection. I'm also taking Zertec, and Tylenol PM...should I continue or stop? Thank you.

by User avatar Guest

nasacort and weight gain

can nasacort aq make u gain weight,i have been useing it and singulair for some time and i seem to be fighting my weight thanks new here. :'(

by User avatar jwd16491

My sister was diagnosed with malignant hyperthermia-can it be treated?

Hello, my sister had problems with tonsils for a long time, so her doctor decided that those should be removed. After the successful surgery, some strange symptoms occurred. She had a 42C temperature! Doctors thought it were an infection, but when she started having muscle spasms and heart problems,...

by User avatar xylina74164295

Is malignant hyperthermia a hereditary illness?

Hello, I am in my 9th month of my first pregnancy. Doctors already told me that delivery will be done by C cut. Anyway, my mother had a malignant hyperthermia which was discovered when she was undergoing total anesthesia years ago. She was told that it can be discovered only in total anesthesia...

by User avatar fallon164266987

How to discover if you are suffering from malignant hyperthermia?

Hi, I am 31 years old and I am planning to get pregnant real soon. But the problem is, my older sister had problems during her baby’s delivery. She was under total anesthesia and had serious muscle spasms, high temperature and almost collapsed. Doctor said that she had malignant hyperthermia...

by User avatar karia82958138

allergic to paracetamol.

Answered by a doctor

Hi can anybody help me out for this. My son is 10months old and he is having allergy to paracetamol. Earlier we observed that small pimples from shoulders to on whole body. but this time due to fever and cold we gave Alex-P syrup which contain 125mg paracetamol turned my sons face to reddish with...

by User avatar Guest

Dizziness, Headaches and slightly blurred vision for over a

Answered by a doctor

Hey there About 10 days ago, I smoked some cannabis with a few friends at a party. I have never really taken the drug before, so for me this was pretty much the first time. The stuff we had was very heavy according to my friend, and after about 3 or 4 drags, I started getting pressure in my head,...

by User avatar mr. universe79688

Was it caused by medication?

In the last month ive had anaphylactic shock twice. My face and neck swelled up. The second reaction was really bad and i went to hospital. On the second occation i had eaten foods maybe containing nuts and fish. On first occation i only remember eating friendly bacteria food although did eat other...

by User avatar Anaphylaxis fears Tony

Lyell's syndrome

Can this disease occur to a low immune system and if so, would a donor transplant be a treatable solution?

by User avatar Guest