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Did medication cause anaphylactic shock?

In the last month ive suffered 2 allergic reactions. I only remember eating friendly bacteria food although i had eaten other food also on the first occation. I assumed it was the friendly bacteria. The second occation was really bad swelling of my tongue and face and i went to hospital. I had eaten...

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Comments and reviews on article "H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects: Reactions to Swine Flu Vaccine"

Users comments and reviews on article H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects: Reactions to Swine Flu Vaccine by Dr. Soni Vijay

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Sudden lip swelling and nose bleed

My 2 year old cut her upper gum in a small run-in. It did bleed for a few minutes but 5 days later she woke up with a swollen upper lip and a bleeding nose. The swelling has gone down over the last few hours but wondering if there is an infection.  Will it come back? How can I treat it?

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Could I be allergic to Maple Syrup?

Hi, I am 26 years old male and I have problem with maple syrup. I have noticed in the last few weeks that I get rush on my stomach after I eat maple syrup. First time I thought it is some common rush but it repeated next several times when I have eaten maple syrup. Could I be allergic to maple...

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steven johnstone syndrome

i have had steven johnstone syndrome for 27yrs i am allergic to all pain relief the latest was morphine,when i take meds im allergic too first i get a red angry rash usually to my wrists and abdomine then within 30 mins it spreads all over wheels usually occur then blisters in my eyes,...

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Fq Poisoning???

Is there anyone who has some experience with fq poisoning for I think I have fq poisoning symptoms? I’m actually taking avelox as a part of my recovery therapy after kidney cancer surgery and now I notice my weird condition manifested in dizziness, constant weakness, insomnia, seizures and...

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allergies and sick all the time

For the last two years ivedeveloped allergies to almost every antibiotic. Im sick alot seems like everytime i turn around ive caught something else. I have repeated respiratory infections chronic sinusitis. Imallergic to laundry soaps perfumes foods animals . What could cause this anyone else have...

by User avatar tishaloo306365

Finding a Dentist

How would I go about finding a dentist to take care of my teeth with multiple medication allergies? I am allergic to all antibiotics, local and general anesthesia. I have had to leave 2 dentists already because the first one blamed me and used a local that he knew wouldn't work and then got mad at...

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swollen upper lip

Answered by a doctor

Lately I have had a new sexual partner and after sex with him, the right side of my upper lip swells up.  It goes down by morning, but is still a little swollen.  I had some work done to my upper lip 4 months ago i.e., Restylane and a tiny bit of Botox.  Could this be it?  This has never...

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Allerry, Side effects on Injections

I get swollen lips , head & body itch of subject to certain injections this happened on two occasions. This side effects start 1 week after the injection is taken and last 3-4 weeks 1. when pregnant while Pregnyl was injected. 2. twice When Voveran(From novartis) injection was given. Can you...

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