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13 years old and no genital growth

I’m 13 and I’m worried I’m not growing I have a 3 1/2. Inch penis when erect my balls havn’t Dropped no armpit hair but I have a couple of hairs at the base of my penis and I’ve had shave my balls at least 3 - 5 times but I get random erections but I’ve had no penile growth and I do...

by User avatar Papa_Skreeb

Im 14 and Im like 3 inches (hard)

Answered by a doctor

Ok so im 3 inches hard and a kid in my class is 6 and a half inches. i know hes not lying because him and his girlfriend had sex and she even told me it was big. i realy just want to know why am i so small.  i need help! PLEASE!!!

by User avatar Guest

Where to buy extra small undies for men?

I wanna know where you can buy extra small undies for men I only want to buy them in a store not online. 

by User avatar James

Am I large for my age?

Hello. I am a 13 yr old male going to turn 14 on december 24 2016. I just wanted to know am I large for my age. I am 6+ inches (not exact but im over 6) and I see many posts and articles about the average size being 5.1-5.9 inches. Am I reading the wrong articles or am I developing...

by User avatar #Australianmate

Any suggestions for medicines that can increase the size of my penis?

sir my penice is 3 inches. plz suggest me medicine for increase size 

by User avatar Guest

i'm just turned 13 and my penis is 3 inches hard? is that usual length?

The only problem is, i have alot of pubic hair, i can cum, i've been through all those changes but my penis just wont grow. its been the same size for a while? i know it wont be huge but average is all im asking.

by User avatar mobh

13 and Penis won’t grow. i haven't told anybody

i turned 13 3 months ago and my penis is only one inch and like 3 when hard help, i haven't told anybody my parents don't know idk what to do 

by User avatar Guest

Average penis size for a 19 years old?

Answered by a doctor

I'm just wondering if my penis size is average or smaller than average or bigger than average..I'm 19 and it's 9.2inches when just worried Its smaller than average and that it won't be pleasing towards my girlfriend

by User avatar DConstancia357942

does any of you guys shaving their chest?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I am a 32 old male with very hairy chest. I am so irritated by them especially when I go to the gym, and when I want to get some suntanned. Is there anything wrong in men shaving chest?

by User avatar Guest

Do you ever shave your hairy chest?

Do you ever shave your hairy chest

by User avatar almorr