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fordyce spots, will they ever go away?!!

Answered by a doctor

hi i am 15 and about 5 months ago i started to notice little white spots on my scrotum and shaft and in some there is pubic hair growing and also there is scaley littler spots underneath my crown and on my forskin, i am really freaked out and worried should i see a doctor? will they ever go away? or...

by User avatar jo3 15


What causes so called rocket in pocket? Is it associated with sexual activity or not? How long does it usually last? I’d like to hear more about pryapism? Have you ever experienced that? Is it painful?

by User avatar prudence388

my testicles are still at children's size but my penis is pretty big

Hi so i am 13 and I am a little confused. So my balls are still at childrens size but my penis  is 5 inches hard and about 1 inch (sometimes half an inch) soft. Also I have pubic hair on my penis area and armpits. I have also lost my virginity already and am a little scared that the way...

by User avatar Guest

Erect penis size for a 13 years old?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 13 years old and have an erect penis size of 4.5 inches. Is that normal?

by User avatar Harshbir 354959

16 years old and voice hasn’t changed yet. My dad's voice changed when he was 15

I’m 16 years old I have pubic hair I can ejaculate I have no leg or armpit hair no facial or chest hair my voice has not changed at all I don’t know if my testicals have grown or penis because I have never measured in the first place. My dads voice changed when he was 15 I don’t know what is...

by User avatar Guest

Small penis in a 14 years old. How do I make it bigger without pills, pumps or penis extenders?

I have a 4 inch penis and I am only 14. How do I make it bigger without pills pumps nor extenders. I have a lot of pubic hair and I can ejaculate. Please answer my question.

by User avatar Guest

Excessive Hair Growth

Answered by a doctor

I have really hairy legs and arms. It was fine up until last week. More and more hair started growing on my legs and now spread onto my chest and abdominal area and started going on my back. I'm really trying to find a girlfriend and I think she'd be weirded out if she saw i had hair on my chest and...

by User avatar ieatfoodz45624545

I’m in the middle of puberty and my penis is still small

I’m 13 I’m in the middle of puberty and my dick is still small what should I do pls help my girlfriend thinks I have a big dick and is trying to fuck

by User avatar Guest

can whey proteins improve man's libido?

can whey protein help men libido?

by User avatar pedro

I'm a 13 year old boy and i think my penis is abnormal

im 13 and my penis is around 2 inches flaccid and 6 erect is that normal?

by User avatar Guest