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Hello! My husband and I have 3 children already and we don’t really need more. I have never used pills bc I don’t like to play with my hormones, and we don’t always have condoms in our house. As we brought this decision of no more children, we are thinking of vasectomy. Can anybody tell me...

by User avatar Guest

bump between anus and testicles pops

What happens when a bump between ur testicles and anus pops is that ok or do i have to.go.see a doctor i.was taking antibiotics for that i.dont.know what to do.....

by User avatar los n

I'm 14 i have some pubes what can i do to speed things up

im 14 and all my friends have hit puberty but i havent. my penis is about 2/3 inches while errect and i can not produce semen and i have some hair above the penis can i do anything to help me along the way and i can some time see my testicals

by User avatar unnown

rapid heart rate of 186, sweating with chest pain

Answered by a doctor

I'm a CNA and while I was working I had a heart rate of 186, chest pain and began sweating, I'm scared to ask but what could this mean?

by User avatar rcalimee


hi. I have been using hand cream as a lub since I can't buy anything else caue im 16. is hand cream kind of dangerous or not rcommended? What else do you recommend to use?

by User avatar roger32133

please guys i need ur help

i am 17 and never had a girlfriend. the reason for this is that my penis is 3" and i am worried that if i get a girlfriend she will wanna do stuff n i am very emmbarresd about this situation. i have not yet developed any bodily hair either nor has my voice broke and im only 5ft2"tall...

by User avatar lkjhgftyhb43117

scare tissue of the throat

what can be done about scare tissue of the throat.

by User avatar Guest

pain in right groin and linner right hip. What could it be?

Hi, I am a 38 yr. old man and here recently I have noticed a sometimes rather sharp pain in my right Groin area. It is located from below my right tesicle and runs right up between my sack and leg. It works it's way up and around my right hip. Now I know I have no STD'S. I have had no fevers,...

by User avatar gottoknowusa

left ball hangs lower than my right

im really worried my left nut hangs lower than my right sumtimes there the same height im worried incase i dont have kids could you tell me if a could still have kids ?

by User avatar JakeeSykess155221

leakage of the underwear

What does it mean if you are leaking white stuff onto your underwear? But you haven't had sex yet. Throughout the day my underwear randomly gets wet and its always with the white stuff.

by User avatar cameron