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Im 14 and Im like 3 inches (hard)

Answered by a doctor

Ok so im 3 inches hard and a kid in my class is 6 and a half inches. i know hes not lying because him and his girlfriend had sex and she even told me it was big. i realy just want to know why am i so small.  i need help! PLEASE!!!

by User avatar Guest

I'm 14, is my penis too small? Am I way behind or just entering a puberty?

I am 14 and my penis is around 4.3 - 4.8 inches erect and about 2-3.6 inches non erect. I have light hair at my penis area and no armpit hair. Am I way behind or just entering and doing fine. A lot of people in school say they got 9 inchers but I assume they are lying.

by User avatar Guest

how to compare my penis with a friend?

I’m 15 years old and penis is 6 inches. Who wants to compare and how to compare with a friend?

by User avatar Harrison234156

no adam's apple

Answered by a doctor

I'm 16, turning 17 next month and I believe I have hit puberty. However, my adam's apple is nonexistant, whereas most guys have a pyramid that pokes out, mine is as flat as a woman's. It makes me feel bad about myself because I haven't seen any other guys without it. As stated I believe I did hit...

by User avatar red_dragon116302

Penis growth at 14. I think I may have a problem because I'm having skinny and short penis

So I am 14 and around 7 months. I’m 5’6 and kinda chubby. I have pubic hair and a good amount of it, long and straight. I have the beginning of facial hair growth and armpit hair growth. Over the past year I’ve began to be able to produce semen but small amounts. My penis is small about...

by User avatar Guest

painful bump in anus

Answered by a doctor

I have a bump or sweeling of rectum tissue right at the sphincter or entrance hole, It is very painful and it feels hard. What could this be?!

by User avatar SkiGuy1821

underwear or freeballing?

Answered by a doctor

I’ve heard a lot about a freeballing lately, so I’m just interested in what you prefer??? I personally prefer wearing my underwear, simply because I think it is “safer”… What about you???

by User avatar Guest

Small penis at 15. I have also started my puberty late as well as growing

I'm 15 and 5 months old, and my penis measures at most 4.5 inches. Most boys my age have a penis of about 6 inches. I started puberty late at about 13 years but didn't really start growing until I was 14 and only started getting armpit hair at 15. I was wondering if I am stuck with this small penis...

by User avatar dreamful honey

Im 15 and i havent hit puberty

Answered by a doctor

hi, im a 15 year old male and i havent hit puberty yet. my penis is very small and im very embarassed of it. i would like to have sex but i would embarass myself because of my penis size...what is wrong?

by User avatar jacob

Penis at 15 years old? it started growing when I stepped into puberty but stopped ever since

I'm tanner stage 4 but my penis is only 4.7" erect. i'm 15 btw. I remember it got bigger as soon as puberty started when i was 11-12  but hasnt grown since.

by User avatar Guest