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I’m in the middle of puberty and my penis is still small

I’m 13 I’m in the middle of puberty and my dick is still small what should I do pls help my girlfriend thinks I have a big dick and is trying to fuck

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can whey proteins improve man's libido?

can whey protein help men libido?

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I'm a 13 year old boy and i think my penis is abnormal

im 13 and my penis is around 2 inches flaccid and 6 erect is that normal?

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Semen during excretion? It is not precum, it is a real semen

im 14 and this same thing happens to me. Is it still normal? And it’s not pre-cum. It is real cum  

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I'm 17 and my penis nor testicles haven't grown yet

Im 17 and my penis nor balls have grown yet . I have alot of pubic hair im jusy curious if im jusy mot gonna grow down there.

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Can my penis grow anymore? It grew quite fast as soon as I started puberty and it hasn’t grown since

I’m 15 and have been in puberty since I was 11. My penis is only 4.8 inches erect currently. It grew quite fast as soon as I started puberty and it hasn’t grown since. I’m in stage 4 if puberty. Any chances of more growth? 

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Penis Size for 13 year old? When not erect, my penis size is about 3 inches

When not erect, my penis size is about 3 inches, but when erect its about 5 inches. I have pubes in my penile area but not in the armpits. My voice has deepened but I cannot ejaculate. So at this stage of puberty, is my penis small, normal or big? And is it normal to have such a stark contrast...

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brown stains in underwear

hi i am a 16 year old boy and have often find light brown marks in my white underwear not any other ones as i cant see i dont know if this is a medical condition on just sweat could you please help me thanx

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My girlfriend is Bi should I be worried?

Hi, so my issue is as follow: I'm in love with this girl who loves me dearly as well. We can't seem to get enough of each other and we both love having sex every chance we get. My conflict comes in the issue that during the start of our relationship she got really wasted and went to a gay/lesbian...

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I'm 18 and my genitals size is that of a 12 year old

I'm 18 and my penis size is that of a child's..... Please help! Here's a little breakdown of my current status. 18 years old, 6'1ft tall, 260lbs. yes I have a fat pad. 1 inch flaccid. 2inches erect. With fat pad pushed back, 2 1/2 inches erect. That's it. Adult males should have 4-5inches erect. Why...

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