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50 year old with menstrual period

I just turn 50 last month. I still have regular menstrual period every month. for the past 2 periods. I've bee noticing that after my period it would last 4 days. I would start having red color discharge after my period. Is this normal when your experience menapause. Please give me a feedback. Thank...

by User avatar hb0124140059

How to delay your period? I'm getting bad cramps every time

My name is Shayne and 17 years old. I got my first period when I was 8. I get really bad cramps and everything. Is there a way to delay it?

by User avatar Shayne

prolonged menstrual period for one month or two

Answered by a doctor

prolonged menstrual period for one month or two

by User avatar paddy

Period after Birth Control?

I stopped taking Yasmin on the 20th of August and haven't had a period in almost 6 weeks. I've been having protected sex, but just in case I took a pregnancy test which was negative. I've stopped taking the pill before and my period was irregular but never took this long to come back. Anyone else...

by User avatar deserved washcloth

Late period, neg pregnancy test, plan b...

Answered by a doctor

I had unprotected sex with my partner for one weekend (Friday-Sunday) and I took Plan B both on Friday and Monday. About a week after I get some spotting as if my period wanted to start (plan B usually starts it in about a week for me) but here's the catch: I had just gotten out of my period when I...

by User avatar sopranoborikua7746559

I haven't had my period for over 4 months and yesterday I saw a bit of flow

i have not been on my period 4 months, yesterday when I got up I seen a little bit but that's all I seen for the rest of the day?

by User avatar Delhia Mcconnell367507

brown discharge/ irregular period/tubal ligation

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I have always had fairly irregular periods. I am extremely fertile. I'm 38. I had a tubal ligation 5.5 yrs. ago. I ovulated 12-14 days ago. My query is about my last period. I experienced a full day of brown discharge, only visible when wiping. This was followed by a full day of spotting,...

by User avatar robin

one day menstruation but I'm on IUD family planing method. I saw some blood spot

currently am on iud family planing method,on fifth this month i saw some  blood spot thereafter there was nothing again could i be pregnant

by User avatar Guest

Lump below my lower abdomen and my period is over a month late

There's a lump below my lower abdomen.. And I have missed my period for mor than a month now.. Please what could it be

by User avatar earthly coast

Can Hidradenitis suppurativa cause missing period? My period is 3 months late

Is hydradenitis supperrativa causes of missing period?i m suffering from hydradenitis supperrativa,and i missing my period for 3month.

by User avatar Guest