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fibromyalgia pain relief

Answered by a doctor

I have been suffering for several years with debilitating muscle pain/spasms. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia noting that the rheumotoligist said I had 18/18 tender spots associatted with Fibromyalgia. People out there with this awful stuff...can you give me any pointers on how to...

by User avatar ksf19200

Chronic Fetigue Syndrome diagnosis

Hi. I`m 19 and my sister was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She`s always like tired and she rests a lot but with no effect. Her muscles are weak and sometimes she has a fever. I doubt that she has CFS, think that her doc is just guessing because she didn`t run through a single test and...

by User avatar yon2423

Pain in the upper back part of my leg

When im sitting theres a bad pain on the right side of the leg. When i walk and sit down its a very bad pain not sure what it is

by User avatar Seana555

cramps and spasm under breast

wwoke up have cramps and spasms iunder left breast and stomach

by User avatar Guest

Pulled a muscle in my stomach area?

Answered by a doctor

I was stretching [not exercise related, but from being tired] and now when I have just stopped, i have got a really painful pain around my stomach area, behind my belly button and around it. It hurts when i breath in and out, and is making me feel quite sick, like i want to vomit? It happened...

by User avatar Guest

Mirrored pain and nodules everywhere from my lower back to my shoulders

Hello i started with what I thought was some kind of lower back injury from maybe moving the wrong way and then I started getting these very painful modules in my very low back and my doc gave me a shot there and called it good  but now I have pain and nodules not only in my lower back but...

by User avatar Koolmomme

stiff leg muscles and pain in hip joints

Answered by a doctor

I havent found anything on here on what i go through after work,i'm a server and work long hours,with in the past 6 months my legs get stiff and i cant hardley move my legs or find it hard to walk after sitting for 30 minutes so i try to keep moving but it just seems to get worse.even after i rest...

by User avatar Guest

I pulled my lower right back muscle as there is a slight bulge and now it's tingling

Answered by a doctor

I  pulled my lower right back muscle as there is a slight bulge and now it's tingling. I have been applying ice pack and heat it consistently.   Has anyone else experience this?

by User avatar Dee

SHARP PAIN after Morton's Neuroma Surgery

Answered by a doctor

I had the nerve removed between 2/3 toe on Oct. 12th. Things were going just fine until yesterday when I started to walk (bare foot or without an orthodic) and OMG, a sharp pain (like stepping on a nail) is felt near the arch of my foot - directly under big toe right pass the ball of foot. What...

by User avatar Guest

neck spasms when i blink my eyes

Answered by a doctor

I know this sounds weird, but when i blink my eyes, theres a vein in my neck that moves. Its causing a pulling pain on jawline as well. Is anyone familiar with this? Thnaks

by User avatar Guest