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diagnosed with compartment syndrome, is fasciectomy a right option for me?

Hi, I was diagnosed with compartment syndrome in 2012 i had a fasciotomy on both legs in the anterior compartments in 2014. I then began running 6 weeks after my surgery and played a season of rugby league in 2015. By mid 2015 my symptoms had returned, not quite as bad as i could continue running...

by User avatar Tyler

bicep pain shoulder pain

I had severe pain in my right arm, mainly the biceps and shoulder. The pain came on doing simple movements. Bending down and twisting of the arm brought on instantly the pain. The movement restrictions followed, I could not put my arm behind my back above waist level.

by User avatar Guest

long term side effects of rhabdomyolysis

Answered by a doctor

I was diagnosed with statin related rhabdomyolysis. Symptoms began after having a laporascopic Nissen fundoplication. Two days after the surgery, I was admitted to the intensive care unit, on a ventilator, and was transferred to another hospital for kidney failure and dialysis. My liver enzymes...

by User avatar Guest

sudden weakness in arms

Answered by a doctor

Once a month or so, I get a sudden overwhelming weakness in both my arms. It lasts only about a minute, but its powerful enough to make me need to sit down. After it passes, I'm good to go. Any suggestions of what this could be?

by User avatar frans@jrctransportation.c

continual numbness in left thigh

Answered by a doctor

I have had a numb spot in my left thigh for about 7yrs. it started out about the size of a half dollar and has progressively gotten larger over the years, now it covers about half of the front of my thigh. What would cause this?

by User avatar Guest

severe inner thigh cramps

Answered by a doctor

I have recently been having sever, debilitating, paralyzing cramps so bad and break out in a sweat..feel like Im going to die from it...the only thing that worked for me is to eat baking soda and chase it with water...but have to drink from a straw in the glass as I cant raise my head to even drink...

by User avatar poodlegirl

what is the proper treatment for a restless leg syndrome?

what can I do for restless leg syndrome? anybody heard of the st. bridess (sp) dance?

by User avatar Guest

Numbness, tingling, spasms in leg long after sciatica diagnosis

Answered by a doctor

Ive read many posts on the issue but none have related to my issues that Im concerned about. I was diagnosed with sciatica about a year ago and MY experience was very different from these posts but according to the doctors very typical of the disorder. My pain began after a lower back injury and...

by User avatar DistintinctivelyMe...?52186

Which would be the better treatment for Blepharospasms? CBD salve or oil?

Which would be the better treatment  for Blepharospasms? CBD salve or oil?  And how long does it take to start feeling a positive difference in decreasing the spasms?

by User avatar Guest

sore underarm

I had very bad break of leg two months ago and I have to walk with my crutches all the time. I am pretty much accustomed on crutches, but I can’t accustom to sore underarms. I never thought that my underarms can be sore, but they are and not just underarms, my palms are too. I have heard about...

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