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Arm pain, My left arm sometimes feels like I've been laying on it even when I'm moving around

My left arm sometimes feels like I've been laying on it even when I'm moving around. Its always in the bicep. So does anyone have any answers. I'm beginning to get worried.  

by User avatar Guest

I strongly disagree that fibromyalgia is not progressive

navigating your topics is like being a proverbial mouse looking for the cheese in a maze! I strongly disagree that fibromyalgia is not progressive, I tell you it is!  I tried super alternative herbal supplements,vitamins thinking the pain and fatigue I was feeling was diet related. I felt worse...

by User avatar 4giveN4get362833

Hand weakness/numbing for a long period of time and randomly

Hi, I’m 16 and my hands have been going numb/ weak all of a sudden ever since I can remember. I’ve never really paid attention to it until lately, I’ve never asked a doctor about it because it has never really been at the center of my mind.  I used to think my hands going was normal,...

by User avatar Guest

Lower back injury due to heavy lifting in the gym

Hii. Im 21 and i have been suffering from lower back injury for 2 years. I have bulges under my skin on both the sides and a pain in the lower back bone as well..although iam 90% cured..i still feel the pain..and that bulge is really worrying me..i have consulted like 2 to 3 doctors..these past...

by User avatar Ajay199721

Do you put the bar of soap underneath the fitted sheet and sleep on it or beside it (for arthritis)

Do you put the bar of soap underneath the fitted sheet and sleep on it or beside it

by User avatar sue

natural cure muscular dystrophy

Answered by a doctor

Hello, good people. My youngest son has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. It is a serious chronic condition. Modern medicine does not have a cure. Treatment only prevents serious complications. I was wondering if there is any natural cure for this or not. I would appreciate more info. Thank...

by User avatar garwin86151272

Fibromyalgia, homoeostasis imbalance, nervous system imbalance or something else causes chronic pain

What do I have?    November 2016    They told me I might have fibromyalgia. (Expert rheumatologist from Hospital). I did blood tests. Everything ok. I have chronic pain in the left side of the neck, which spreads to the left collarbone, breastbone,...

by User avatar IriniX

Pulsating throbbing feeling down my leg

Pulsing throbbing in my left leg.  Feels like I can feel the blood flowing through my leg, like a vibration is passing through my veins from the top of my leg to the bottom.  It started a few days ago after I exercised maybe too much without stretching beforehand and that same day I...

by User avatar Bassantka

Recovery from Morton's Neuroma

Answered by a doctor

I began treatment for Morton's neuroma in August. After taking the cortisone injections, and then neurolysis (alcohol) injections, I had surgery on Dec 5. It took me a good two weeks to stop taking the pain pills and putting ice on my foot. My problem now is that it seems to swell during the...

by User avatar suelynn216

Upper leg near groin area pain. I can feel a small ball there

First time on this. I haven't play sports in a while or done any heavy lifting. I've been doing nothing. My right upper leg near my groin area. I can feel a small ball and a lil bit bigger ball. It hurts when i walk or apply pressure on it. Im pretty sure it iisn'tsnt a std either. The...

by User avatar JustKazu