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how can i build muscle after rhabdo

I had Rhabdo 7 months ago. I got it in my left tricep while in Navy basic training. i was in very good shape when i got into Division 196 but shortly after immunizations i got rhabdo. my CPK was 25000. and i couldnt even where my NWU properly because i couldnt fit my arm through it. i was admitted...

by User avatar AANavy2017362679

Tight feeling around top of abdomen around lower ribs

I'm having lots of strange symptoms and wondering if any one can relate. I have pins and needles in my hands which comes and goes . About 2 years ago my two big toes went numb and lasted for about 3 weeks then just went away. I have spasams in my muscles espescailly around bed time. my...

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Necrotizing Myopathy is affecting all my proximal muscles, I am now on my therapy

Answered by a doctor

I am a 57 year old female presently residing in New York and is adding my experience to the journey. I was diagnosed in September 2017 with Necrotizing Myopathy affecting all my proximal muscles. Deep muscle biopsy done in September stated that Statin is the underlying cause. I have not taken that...

by User avatar bumper-shaw

necrotizing myopathy

Answered by a doctor

I need someone to explain me what necrotizing myopathy is. My dad is seriously ill for he suffers from muscle tissue cancer and now he also has been recently diagnosed with necrotizing myopathy-I know my dad will probably die soon with all this diagnosis but I would like to hear something more about...

by User avatar batsheva44050

Does anyone know any solution for Dupuytren contracture? Medical treatment or surgery?

I look for information on Dupuytren contracture, which is a disease which shrinks, fortunately slowly, hands. Does anyone here has heard about a solution on this -medical treatment; surgery-? By the way, I 63 now, and it started around 55. It is growing very slowly, but I wish I would stop it, if...

by User avatar Jean-Yves362278

unexplained pain in my quadriceps and under my rib cage..

Answered by a doctor

hi, please i need a help, unexplained pain in my quadriceps and under my rib cage.. years ago i have unexplained pain under my rib cage i feel i need to strongly raise up the last bone of mu rib cage in order to relieve that unexplained pain. to explain more my rib cage's last bone feels to be torn....

by User avatar Qais Sbaih310352

MRSA causing fibro??

Hi, I had staphylococcus bacterial infections in the sinuses. Since then I keep feeling a constant fatigue and sensitivity to pain. I think it is connected, because I heard that MRSA (staphylococcus infect.) could cause these symptoms, which are probably fibro or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

by User avatar ginnifer956

Treating pulled shoulder blade muscle?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I am new here and need some advice about my problem. I am 112 lbs, 5'6" and I started muscle training in my gym mainly doing bench presses, pull downs and sit ups. I was getting good results and put on about 8 lbs in 2 or so months. Then 7 weeks ago, on holiday when I was sitting down, I...

by User avatar Trifs86685

Miyoshi Myopathy

Hi, my son has a form of muscle degeneration, causing him a progressive muscle weakness. It all begun when we noticed that he had difficulties in standing on the toes or running, and he was only 13. The diagnosis said Miyoshi myopathy. Over many years, the disease has spreads to proximal and distal...

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Is there a hereditary muscular disease in Jewish men?

Muskel pain,inherited chromosomal disease?

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