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muscle pain from stepping on an earring. any home remedies for that?

I just stepped on an earring 8 hours ago and the muscle pain won't stop should I see a doctor or is there a home remedy for it?

by User avatar CHEESEPLEASE

right rear upper thigh severe pain when driving

right rear upper thigh severe pain when driving cure??

by User avatar players

legs shake while bending

My legs shake almost uncontrolably when I bend them. Just curious as to why?

by User avatar Guest

Continuous numbness in left leg, could it be a blood clot?

Hi all, my father faced a numbness on left leg for one month, so he did some daily exercises. Bt it didn't worked as expected...nd now recently from last week...

by User avatar sanjai

chronic leg tendon stiffness, I refuse to use steroids

Answered by a doctor

Ive had Giant cell then after remission Polymyalsia Rheumatica showed up. Since being off steroids my tendons in my body are chronically sore. After sitting for 30 minutes or more it is difficult to stand up and then walk. Mostly my outer leg tendons. I have had arthritis all my life but this is way...

by User avatar tight & sore

how many back muscles are there?

What a bad joke! I am a medical student. I had anatomy exam last week. There were a lot of questions. Exam lasted for two hours. I have answered almost every question the professor asked me. And then a wonder. He asked me how many back muscles are there. At first I thought that was a joke but it was...

by User avatar blayne19435

The morning after my heroin relapse, I woke up with my legs not able to support my weight

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone, not sure if this will be seen. I was admitted to the hospital in July of 2017. Spent three days in icu, then five more days. I feel like my episode is quite different from everyone else. I was and am a recovering heroin addict. I managed to get three years clean and started straighting...

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Answered by a doctor

I suffer from RA, fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis and chronic bronchitis. I am 67 years old and stopped taking ERT about 5 years ago. Would it help my chronic pain if I started back on the ERT? COuld it help me with fibromyalgia pain relief? 

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Kratom for Fibromyalgia

Answered by a doctor

I have many clients that purchase kratom powder from MajorKratom, but knowing exactly what they are using it for is hard. Mostly, our customers are taking kratom (orally in water) to rid themselves of opioid depedence (oc's, H, methadone, etc).    Some of our clients however use...

by User avatar The Major235996

Fibromyalgia and Tooth Extracion

Answered by a doctor

I developed fibromyalgia about 4 months after a hysterectomy in 1996. Three weeks ago I had a tooth extracted because it was cracked and infected. I only had a minimum of pain at the extraction site. However, I believe I may be having flare-up of my fibromyalgia. I have increased body aches, tighter...

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