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i dont seem to get any effects from coke

I have been smoking weed for almost 6 years now and it is simply not enough anymore. I guess ecstasy pills I had been taking afterwards are also not having the right effect. I even tried coke, but I don't seem to have any effects from the coke. I lie, I did vomit like crazy for a minute or two. Now...

by User avatar markus27955015

Getting off percocet withdrawels!!!!!

Answered by a doctor

Well im not going to drag this story on,but I have been taking percocet 10/325 for about 6 months and I had a lumbar spinal fusion surgery.Im 37 years old and im a full time firefighter so before I had the surgery I was taking them to get through my 24 hour shifts.I couldnt make it through without...

by User avatar firefighter829101374

Base of penis and scrotum has bumps?!

At the base of my penis and on my scrotum I have bumps that itch sometimes and if I pop them something like pus comes out. Some are clustered but mostly are spread out there's no discharge of anything. They're kinda white and ive had them more and more this past year. What can it be that i have and...

by User avatar burntbyhope116548

clean drug test

need to be clean for a drug test from opiates, how long?

by User avatar a

I have been trying to get off methadone, and

Answered by a doctor

I started taking Norco for my back pain/nerve damage abut 2 years ago, and it wasnt working that great after while, I still had alot of pain(coulnt afford to go to the PM ) So my MD really couldnt give me anything stronger. So I had a friend that was taking methadone for the same exact reason as me...

by User avatar nikkipain93717

Withdrawal off subutex

Answered by a doctor

I've was on Subutex for over 10 years, I tapered down to 1mg and have finally found strength to detox ... The only thing is my girlfriend doesn't know I'm doing it, she doesn't even know I was on the subs .... I'm on day 5 and doing really well, I've been taking co codomol 3 x 8mg to get rid of the...

by User avatar Optimistic Ash292344