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Methadone, Xanax, and going to withdrawl in jail.

Answered by a doctor

My fiances cousins fiance just died in her sleep last week she went to the methadone clinic and did ALOT of xanax she also had a heart im pretty scared. I take prescribed xanax for my horrible panic attacks and anxiety and i go to the methadone clinic im at 67mg of cherry liquid and...

by User avatar ashleyhopkins123136836

how long after opiates can you take suboxone without going into withdrawls?

Answered by a doctor

I know that if you take suboxone when you still have opiates in your system you will withdrwal. What I want to know is how long do i need to wait to take suboxone after using opiates so I don't feel the sick symptoms ?

by User avatar anewbeginingtoday14145056

Is Trazodone helpful with cocaine withdrawals?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am 35 years old and I am using cocaine for several months. I am thinking of stop using it but I am too addicted that cant do it without some medication. I have heard that Trazodone is helpful with cocaine withdrawals so I would like to know if someone had experience with it. Thanx.

by User avatar giacobo49520

how to detox @ home off oxycodone?

Answered by a doctor

I have been a chronic pain patient for almost 5 yrs. I have bone spurs and torn discs in my L-3 thru S-1. I started on Lortab and got up to 80mg a day. When I moved to a new state and found a new PM doc, he put me on 30mg Oxycodone 4x a day. Sometimes I take more, depending on the pain that day. He...

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Can you put heroin in a joint?

Answered by a doctor

I am thinking of putting heroin in a joint. I mean, I sniff it and I am still reluctant to shoot it in vein. But it seems that my nose became irritable and is painful to touch so I am thinking of switching to a joint. Will it work that way. I mean, will the effects be the same? Several of my friends...

by User avatar sven46583

how long does it take to feel normal with suboxen

Answered by a doctor

I just transfered to suboxen, I was taking about 15mg of methadone, and some tramadol and vicodin. Yesterday was my first day with the suboxen and I got pretty sick and my legs feel like they have lead in them. I don't have any cravings which is wierd, but I don't feel all good and energetic like...

by User avatar cmeblu

can you take an oxycodone pill a day before epidural injection?

is it ok to take an oxicodine pill 24 hr before epidural

by User avatar Yeldarb

suboxone and methadone

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by User avatar kaysey2004

What does meth do to your lungs?

Answered by a doctor

Regularly, long term use of meth can cause a variety of problems in your body. My mother is always repeating this sentence to me. I am not so sure about it. What does meth do to your lungs, for example? I have always had problems with my lung, but I don't think that meth can make this worse.

by User avatar tore104862314

How to get help paying for methadone Maintenance?

Answered by a doctor

I attend methadone treatment in huntsville alabama,and i live in tennessee.I have tenncare/medicaid which is amergroup and it is changing to bluecross blueshield and I was wanting to know is there anyway that I could get them to pay for my methadone treatment in tennessee or can i get a...

by User avatar amapat331535