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cocaine causing paranoia?

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I am a guy 32 years old. I am a broker, and my job is very stressful. Sometimes I cant take it, so I relax myself with cocaine. It happened to me a couple of times, that I started to panic from no apparent reason. That freaked me out, because it never happened to me. Have this ever happened...

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What is the best drug treatment center?

My daughter tore her ACL last season playing volleyball and had to get surgery, and now she’s addicted to opiates that the doctor gave her for the pain. She is taking oxycodone and needs help fast and I want her to go to the best place she possibly can. 

by User avatar awesome women

When does hydrocodone withdrawals BEGIN????

Answered by a doctor

I would so appreciate if you take the time to read what I have to say.. I would really be greatful I've searched all over for this answer so thats why I am asking for help. I have probably avg. around 30-50mg of vicodin a day for the last few years..sometimes taking a week break or so.. maybe...

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Answered by a doctor

I live in NC and my husband goes to a Methadone clinic. I can not tell you how it has completely saved his life, our marriage and family!!! However the cost of it is becoming (has been) a financial burden. Does anyone go to a clinic and has BCBS and insurance pays at least a portion of the cost??...

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What if you mix heroin and alcohol ?

Answered by a doctor

I would like to consider myself someone who has everything under control. Well, one thing I let slip by, heroin from time to time. I do not use it solo, there are always several of us, we stay in house and get stoned for two, sometimes three days. We repeat this every time we can get together. Since...

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Suboxone taper - high blood pressure?

Answered by a doctor

Has anyone experienced episodic high blood pressure (210/120) and tachycardia (180+) when tapering off suboxone? When I get down to less than 4 mgs a day, about the third day I will have a terribly frightening episode of high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. They last several hours and they...

by User avatar themillerjrs111522

Tramadol withdrawal, stuffy nose and sneezing

Answered by a doctor

I am on day 6 of not taking Tramadol which contains an opiate. I started sneezing and coughing, with a runny nose. I started taking Claretin for these symptoms. I've not had allergies in the past. Has any one else experienced these symptoms while withdrawing from this opiate.

by User avatar Linsolo349164

I'm about to start suboxone and want to stay clean. when and how much of suboxone should I take?

So i have been on heroin for about a year maybe a few months longer it started with norco but they became to expensive which now my tolerance is so high so did the heroin i need to quit im tired of worrying each day struggling with bills etc. I started doing it not to get high but to take away...

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Suboxone can cause a life threatening condition known as Serotonin Syndrome

Suboxone & Seratonin Syndrome. Suboxone can cause a life threatening condition known as Seratonin Syndrome, I know from personal experience. In most cases it's caused by taking SSRI's, some antibiotics, and a myriad of other psych meds taken in addition to the buprenorphine( Suboxone) but in my,...

by User avatar khaki dance

I am on suboxone and used heroin for 3 days in a row. i feel like I am in withdrawal now

I am on suboxone and used heroin for 3 days in a row.i feel like I am in withdrawal now.when will it end?

by User avatar hurt plume