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Has anyone experienced severe sweating while coming off of Suboxone?

Answered by a doctor

I weaned myself off of Suboxone a little too soon probably (over the course of 5 days). I was taking 2mg/8mg tablets (1/2 tablet 3 times daily for 3 months before tapering off). I have only a very low-grade anxiety (very manageable) and a sweating issue (not so easy to handle). I got off of the...

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Kratom for withdrawls ?

does any one know how to use kratom for opioids withdrawls?

by User avatar marlizz303611

Kicking my smack habit. Things that help me

Hey im currently kicking a pretty decent smack habbit. Almost 4 days ago now i came clean to my family about my addiction that i have hidden for a long time because i knew i need help and luckily i have a very understanding and supportive family. something i feel like is incredibally important. Well...

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Suboxone doctors lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered by a doctor

I was told that suboxone withdrawals were minimal. I have chronic pain where suboxone seemed like the right choice. Now only a week off the drug after taking 3mg tid. I cannot eat and have lost 20 lbs. I thankfully have an apointment tomorrow to get back on suboxone and I will ask for enough to take...

by User avatar harry46106471

suboxone withdrawals how long it lasts?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, i have been on suboxone for 3yrs 8mgs a day.I tampered down to half a quarter a day which to me seems like a low dose. I am in day 1 of withdrawals not bad yet but this isn't my first rodeo lol I know its going to get bad. I relapsed back in november due to lack of energy litterally couldn't...

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Oxycodone Vs Morphine Withdrawal

Answered by a doctor

Oxycodone Vs Morphine Withdrawal...which was worse for you??? For me Oxycodone just has that, "PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW!!" type of feeling...Opinions please!!

by User avatar IAmVeryScared144697

Looking for info on follicle drug testing. I quit heroine using suboxone a year ago

Hello I am hoping some could help me out I quit doing Heroin over a year ago with the help of suboxone I am currently starting a new career my future employer want me to take a Hair Follicle Drug Test and I am wondering if that will show up on these test I have never had a follicle test done before

by User avatar bare handball

Opiod addiction in Egypt. I am working in a rehab center

Are you are addicted to opiates or any drug? I can reffer you to a rehab I work at in Egypt or get you suboxone. I suggest rehab is better because you dont want to stay on suboxone. I have been addicted for 15 years with multiple relapses and finally stoped. This is not a sales pitch. Even though I...

by User avatar exact mother

reducing from 4 mg of subutex to 0.4 mcg a week until off it completely. Any tips for preparing?

hi, im reducing down 0.4mcg of subutex a wk. im due to take last ever 0.4mcg at new year. do u have any tips on how to prepare. my doctor from the addiction service said its like comin off a codiene tablet.

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annoyed iwth a certain withdrawal symptom

SO i am 36 days free of methadone, and 16 days free of any opiates/drugs. most of my symptoms hav been taken care off. i began working out, eating normally, drinking lots of water, taking my supplements and am following a pretty rigourous diet. i feel pretty normal. sleep is a bit off but tolerable....

by User avatar jim