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"Shaky Nose", My nose bones start feeling tingly and so does my upper chest

For a while I have been having a sensation that I can only identify as "shaky nose". My nose bones start feeling tingly and so does my upper chest. My face feels very red and hot. This happens off and on (usually every other minute) until it makes all my face and chest feel shaky, and then...

by User avatar phoebethundermaaan

Can sleep apnea occur after a year when surgery was done

My 4 yr old son at the time had his adenoids & tonsils removed last year August.He's almost 6 now.After the surgery he was sleeping so peacefully.but about a month ago everything started to go back to the usual.First got the cold,then a slight ear infection & then bronchitis.His snoring...

by User avatar Cindy

Strange Sinus Symptoms

Lately I feel like I have problems with my sinuses. I can say that the strangest thing is the flushing and sweating on my face and head. It seems to me very much like anxiety. I thought some other symptoms must be relating to sinus problems, but those looks like strange to me. Can anyone tell me...

by User avatar Guest

black mucus in nose

Answered by a doctor

I’ve noticed that sometimes have black mucus in nose. Had no respiratory problems recently. Mucus is almost black, not bloody, very dark and solid. I don’t feel pain in lungs, don’t sneeze or cough. Should I be worried? What has made mucus in nose black?

by User avatar Guest

Blocked right nostril but no mucus. Pressure around right eye and forehead. What is it??

Answered by a doctor

I am 23 years old female and overweight. I also has high blood pressure though it is not dangerously high. I had my first and only Bell's palsy on May last year and I healed completely 2 weeks later. However, I kept experiencing these symptoms and I am not sure what are the cause of it!! The...

by User avatar Guest

Foul Odor In Sinus & Throat Awful Taste In Mouth

Answered by a doctor

In Jan 2012 I went to the doctor with a serious sinus infection. I had headache, shoulder and other pain from the neck up, nasal drainage, throat drainage, chest conjestion, wheezing and rattling in the chest, dry coughing, fever, sore throat, flu like symptoms. Doctor diagnosis, chronic...

by User avatar NoReliefSeekingCure

Small Black particles in mucus

Two days ago, I caught a cold. Today my mucus turned yellow (I know this is normal). But I noticed that since yesterday, sometimes when I blow my nose, I see small black particles in my mucus. It's not large enough to be solid. It's very small. What could this mean? I don't smoke. I don't...

by User avatar m00_pt49054

Red Growth in my both nostrils, I have been using steroids and salt water to treat it

Sometime in 2014, My nose began itching badly; I would pick it and itch the inside and then it stopped. I thought it was allergy from weather. Gradually I noticed that what I thought was just itch had grown as big as peer n reddish. since 2015 I have been using steroid and salt water to treat it....

by User avatar Daftsissy362315

bump in the nostril

Answered by a doctor

Hi guys, i was looking inside my nostrils, and i could see in my left nostril that there is like a bump or lump right at the very top of the nostril. I press on it from the outside of my nose, it doesn't hurt, its not sore, i presume its been there for a very long time, its soft, and is no harm. I...

by User avatar Guest

Is there a permanent cure for sleep apnea?

Is there a permanent cure for sleep apnea?

by User avatar tenista