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Sinus Secretions

I have for quite some time now problems with sinus and sinus secretions which is usually accompanied with facial pain and I also feel eye pressure. I need to know how I can deal with these sinus secretions for it really affects my life badly and want to know what I can do about it. Thanks.

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Hi , I work in a smoking enviorment and have been having lots of problems . For example, high blood pressure, feeling like my chest is heavy and problems breathing. my nose for months has sores in both nostrils and always blood when i blow. I also get migraines. I would like to know if this smoking...

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Multiple nose polyps in maxillary sinus

Hello, folks. My little brother had some problems with his sinus. After a while, he went to an ENT specialist for an examination. He was diagnosed with multiple nose polyps in maxillary sinus. I would like to know something more about this. Can anyone help? I will appreciate it. Thanks, folks!

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nose pain

Answered by a doctor

I get bad nose pain (there is no pimple) especially when it rains and I get exhausted from it. Does anyone know what it is and what I can do about it? Sinus exrays shows just a normal inflamation. thank you. marystr

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I've suffered from chronic rhinitis for the last 3 years. Any advice?

Hi, I am 24 years old and I've suffered from chronic rhinitis for the last three years. This all began when I moved to a new town, with more extreme season changes. So, do you have any advice for me? What can I do beside the medication therapy? This is really becoming very annoying...

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Noise in sinues whe I shake my head

I have recently been treated for a sinus infection with Zithromax (2 weeks ago). Since then I continue to have this fluid noise in my maxillary sinus when I shake my head. It is so loud that others can hear it too. It sounds like water sloshing around in my head. I have been taking...

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What in the world?!?!

I have been having these problems for about three months (I'm 13). I get headches - that only last for 5 seconds to about 1 day. My leg muscles involuntarily shake before bed. I have double vision. My mom says I've "changed" my personality. I'm constantly tired. I take 2 mg of Abilify - but...

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are sinus problems related to throat polyps

My fiance has had sinus problems for years. He has used sprays and pills to help him breath and sleep better. He just went to the doctor a few weeks ago for pain in his throat after a cold. The doctor found a small lump in his throat and gave him medication. Now he just went back to the doctor for a...

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Scary symptoms.. meningitis, the flu or worse?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have been having these symptoms for the last week or two now. It started with a cold/sinus infection about two weeks ago . I had some antibiotics so i took about 7 days worth and my sinus infection seemed to go away... no more green/yellow mucus or sinus headache. I still had light headedness...

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Nose piercing infected

Is it possible to put my nose piercing back in after it's been infected or?? Pls help

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