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Hurts when I breathe through left nostril

Answered by a doctor

Hello! For the passed 3 days now, going on 4, I have been having problems breathing through my left nostril. When I breathe out of it, it's fine but when I breath in air through it, it's as if it hurts and stings so bad that it causes my left eye to tear up and make me cringe. It's almost like...

by User avatar Guest

Constant Mucas in Throat, PLEASE help.

Ok so I've had this problem for over 2 years, and its the biggest pain ever. I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS feel Mucas in the back fo my throat, I can't clear it away by just coughing it up, or spitting it out, I have to suck it in me. I really try to spit it out, but I can only spit it if I let it...

by User avatar MAgamer253051

laser surgery for nasal polyps

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering about the efficiency and cost of laser surgery to treat nasal polyps. I know that traditional surgery is often followed by regrowth of polyps and is also very debilitating. Can you tell me more about laser surgery for nasal polyps?

by User avatar greta

sinus infection causes blood pressure and pulse rate to incr

Answered by a doctor

Hi all. Apart from my sinuses, my general health is good. I mean really good. Still, I have one simple question – I noticed that when I have sinus infection, I get feeling that my hart rate significantly increases. I feel the same for my blood pressure. So, I’m wondering if sinus infection is a...

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constant nasal blockage with post nasal drip and I always feel pressure

sinus constantly blocked. post nasal drip. always feel pressure

by User avatar brave golf

Deviated Septum Surgery

Answered by a doctor

My doctor wants to fix my deviated septum. I have dry throat for past six months because of this. I know that is not major surgery but I would like to hear a little about it. Anyone here experienced surgery of deviated septum? Thanks.

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burning in left sinus no congestion, extreme fatigue for one month ..poinions?

Answered by a doctor

hello, I thought I would post my recent sinus issues here in hopes that someone has experienced similar symptoms and may be able to offer some insight. over a month ago I had a cold/siuns issue that some one at work gave us all. virtually everybody at work had this, It took a month for me to get...

by User avatar RemoWest80369

Help – I’m very worried about tingling in head

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I had a sinus problem two weeks ago. I treated it and finally got well. But, what concerns me is a headache that developed afterward. Then, just a few days ago, my whole head started hurting and tingling. Moreover, this tingling was at different areas at different times!!! My temples and eyes...

by User avatar stachowicz1981

I cured my chronic,stubborn fungal sinus infection(without d

Answered by a doctor

For a few years, I suffered with sinus problems, which included dry, inflammed sinuses with a foul smelling, crust that developed in my nose. I saw doctors and was treated with antibiotics and decongestants with little help. I finally decided to treat this as a fungal infection myself with some tea...

by User avatar nosila

a "click click" noise in the nose

Last year for the first time in my life I had really bad allergies. I was also flying a lot for work. I had been sick for about a day and got on a flight, when we were going up my nose kind of "popped" (almost like your ears do sometimes) and it gave me a sharp pain in my head. That was...

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