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Constant smell of ammonia in the nose - Part 2

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Constant smell of ammonia in the nose thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Foul-Smelling Yellow Globules - Sinus infection? PIC INCLUDED

Answered by a doctor

I am wondering if this could be a sinus infection, or some other disorder of the nose or throat... DURATION: infrequently over the last 2-4 years SYMPTOM: coughing/sneezing up small yellow globules of a foul-smelling material. material is stiff and holds its shape, but can be easily smashed....

by User avatar jdpritt14314

Smelling Car Exhaust Fumes That Aren't There!

Answered by a doctor

I have been smelling CAR EXHAUST FUMES that aren't there. Sometimes they are faint, sometimes they are so strong it burns my nose and feels like my eyes are about to water and I am smothering. This has been going on for a couple months now...HELP! It is driving me nuts. %-) I have RA, FMS,...

by User avatar nanamama67

Water up the nose feeling

You know that burning feeling you get when you're in a pool and get water up your nose? I have been getting that feeling on average 5-10 times a day for about a month now. It seem's to be worse and more common if I go from sitting or laying down to moving around but sometimes it's just random. I...

by User avatar Guest

How can I reduce my tongue thickness? I can't see my throat when mouth are wide open

My tongue thickness increased over last 2 years. Reports are normal. How can I reduce its is too big..I can't see my throat when wide open with aa. - sunit

by User avatar SUNIT

Pressure behind nose and bags under my eyes

I have pressure behind nose and pressure under the bags of my eyes. There is no pain, just constant pressure.   i have been to a nose/sinus specialist. found nothing. i had a Mri scan on my nose/ which did my whole head anyway. found nothing.   I still have pressure and...

by User avatar basic empowerment

Sinusitis causing floaters in my eye

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. I have been suffering from sinusitis. However, I have been experiencing floaters in my eyes. I would really like to know whether sinusitis can cause this condition on my eye. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me this. Thank you for all your replies. This will mean a lot to me....

by User avatar avictor159979038

What could be the cause of running nose and itchy skin

What could be the cause of running nose and itchy skin

by User avatar Joseph365640

Bad smell when i bend down

helloI am 55 and for the last 14 days I have a problem with bad odour. It just comes like twice a day, especially when a bend down... i smell it for a few minutes and than it is gone.. i think its coming from my stomach, but i smell it even if my mouth are  closed...i have no other symtpoms.can...

by User avatar nitek

Sinus cyst and their symptoms (depression, weight gain, swollen legs)

Answered by a doctor

My husband read an article about a woman who had a facial sinus cyst that caused her to have symptons of weight gain, depression, swollen legs, fatique and high blood pressure. I started to develop these symptons last year and the doctor has checked my thyroid, sleep studies, score of tests and the...

by User avatar ediana220