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i have the smell of burnt almonds in my nose

i have the smell of burnt almonds in my nose

by User avatar Guest

Smelling cigarettes, I suffer from very bad migraines but also suffer from allergies

Hi. I recall my mom telling me when I  was young that she would smell cigars not cigarettes & I thought she was nuts.  As for me I can’t recall when was the first time I started smelling cigarettes because it was so rare that I never put to much attention to it. I...

by User avatar Lsn914

Spider blown out of my nose?

Recently I have been suffering bad hayfever and upon blowing my nose I discovered a small red spider on the tissue. It is of course possible it crawled there in the night or even up my nose during the night or was in someway in the tissue packet when it was sealed. However I live in england and...

by User avatar Guest

large polyp in the maxillary sinus and pain in the right eye

Good day, I need your help. I have been having pain in th right eye for about 2yrs, goes on and off, eye socket pain to be precise aggravating to headache. A CT scan done which shows no significant abnormality seen but a note was made, large polyp in the right maxillary sinus. What do I do because i...

by User avatar Bolanle

Problems with chronic sinusitis for a decade and lately constant lightheadedness

Answered by a doctor

Hello guys. Anyone in here has a problem with chronic sinusitis? Because I do. And I think that there is no cure for this. Why do I think so? Because I have tried almost everything and nothing happens, and it lasts for too long, over a decade I think. So, I was handling it somehow, it was OK, but...

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Smelly Nose

I have been suffering in silence for 20 years with this foul smell from  my nose. Have read so much until I tried the Neti Pot(  Ancient Himalayan technique practiced some 2000 years ago). Its amazing. The smell almost disappeared within 24 hours. Its definitely a relief. Please read up on Jala...

by User avatar Rejuvenated

Do I use hydrogen peroxide on an inflamed nose piercing?

I am 20 years old and I have just done nose piercing. It was something I always wanted to do and I finally did it! But there always has to be some problem. The pierced area swelled, it looks like some sort of inflammation or infection. Do I use hydrogen peroxide for that inflamed nose piercing or...

by User avatar karon34400

Prednisone for help with nose spray dependency

This board seems very helpful. I've been encouraged to reach somebody if your stories. I have been on nose spray over the counter both Africa and four-way for over 30 years off and on.  I did kick it once, that went back to it  when I was going through a break up and doing lots...

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Smelling Smoke All the Time - Part 2

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Smelling Smoke All the Time thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Streaks Of Blue Stuff Comes Out With My Mucus When I blew my nose

I just blew bright blue out my nose today.  I work in a bakery and thought that maybe it was some type of chemical they use for bugs. It has never happened to me before and I have only worked there a few months-a few months ago there was an orange color, too.

by User avatar didi