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Gross coffee aftertaste like smell in sinus and all food tastes gross!

Answered by a doctor

If I blow my nose hard or talk to loud too much I have what seems like a bursting of a strange smell in my sinus. The smell permeates everything. I cant get it out of my sinus. Everything smells of this (Greasy, Coffee, burnt)smell. Food no longer tastes good either. Flavors of all food now include...

by User avatar smbrownx32689

Sinus issues - only at night

I'm lucky to be free of allergies and serious sinus issues. I can't recall my last cold. However, over the past several years I've started having nighttime-only sinus issues that are interfering with sleep. Several hours after I go to bed, one side of my sinuses gets completely blocked (the side...

by User avatar Guest

I seem to smell urine all the time.

Answered by a doctor

I hope you can help me, but I seem to smell urine all the time. Well, actually it mainly comes in wafts, but it really confuses me. Could I be imagining it? Or is it a sign of a specific illness? I was everyday so I doubt it's because I'm not clean so could someone please give me information on...

by User avatar girl

exhaust ,chemical, dust smell in nose

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I have had a strong chemical, dust, exhaust, acrid sort of smell in my nose that comes and goes for the past couple of years - often it is accompanied by my nose getting very stuffed - but not always - I felt so releived to read other people asking questions about this - I used to love...

by User avatar Guest

Black snot when I blow my nose, I have a seasonal allergy

Answered by a doctor

When I blow my nose today, I see the different color of my snot. I have a season allergy and  it won't go away for months. A few weeks ago I have blood in my snot and today I saw it was black. I do have a hard time breathing some time and been coughing when that happen. I...

by User avatar Guest

Purple spot in my snot

The last couple times i have blown my nose i have had purple spots in my clear snot. Is this normal? It has happened before in the past but i just shrugged it off as nothing but now Im kinda wondering if its normal? Please help!

by User avatar dgoguen

White spots in nostril

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I recently may have had a cold sore, it was a itchy/funny feeling part on my lip that did open up. It went away after a few days without medication but I dont know for sure it was a cold sore. So, I may have HSV-1 (I am going to GUM clinic on Tuesday for a full check up) I also have...

by User avatar Guest

ringing in ears, stuffy nose, pressure in head

Answered by a doctor

I have been suffering from pressure in my head. Is it an allergy? Is it stress? My nose is stuffed every night when I go to sleep but clears if I use nose drops. I wake up with ringing in my ears and a headache. I am sometimes disoriented and a bit "foggy brained" I just don't know...

by User avatar Guest

what is the herbal treatment for acute mucus in the nose?

what is the herbal treatment for the mucus in the nose? badly needed..thank you..

by User avatar ernie

I smell smoke and its hard to breathe! Whats going on?

At completely random times, I smell smoke. (I have family members who smoke around me, so that may be the reason. But when I smell it, theres no smoke around me.) but thats not the problem. A while after I smell smoke, it starts getting hard to breathe. Im confused and scared. Whats going on and if...

by User avatar Kailey_Ru362688