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Bloating, nausea and constipation since I stopped smoking 6 months ago

Im 43 and stopped smoking around Christmas....after smoking on and off about 20 years, a pack would last me about 3 days. I was the guy who smoked a little,  then became a chimney when i was drinking. .about a month into it,   im always nauseous, im bloated all the time and burping 4...

by User avatar Matt

I quit smoking and developed asthma, sensitive skin and all kinds of allergies

I quit smoking in 1991 and developed asthma, sensitive skin and all kinds of allergies..chemical, odors, etc....anyway I started smoking again and  everything went away.  I quit smoking again in January 2017 and my allergies and asthma are back and I actually feel worse than I did when I...

by User avatar Susie

Heart Palpitations After Quitting Smoking

Answered by a doctor

I quit smoking cigarettes 2 weeks today.  I was occasionally smoking the electronic cigarette (Blu), which I stopped 3 days ago.  So, I have been totally nicotine free for 3 days, and free from the other poisons for 14 days.  For the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing heart palpitations...

by User avatar Evana316079

I recommend taking a probiotic daily and staying hydrated when quitting smoking

The time it takes for these symtosym to go away greatly depends on the person. But i quite smoking at the very end of March, cravings we're the worst only for about a week was also pretty gassy but feeling alright. Week 2 hit like a train, literally felt like a train wreck in my gut. Finally it all...

by User avatar Guest

I quit smoking 7 months ago.

Answered by a doctor

hello ...i smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years ..on January 1st 2009 ...i decided out of no where to quit it was not planned or anything ..i threw 4 cartons in the garbage with all the ever i did not think that this was gonna happened to me i am sick every day panic attack...

by User avatar ARTIE CARVEL117281

.Swelling after quitting smoking.

Answered by a doctor

I stopped smoking 7 months ago. I have never felt worse in my life. At this point my biggest concern is swelling. I had convinced myself that I must have something awful wrong with me. I started swelling after I quit and it just got worse. I read somewhere that this could be from quitting. The...

by User avatar Guest

I stopped smoking successfully 2 years ago, but all of a sudden I started having short breath

I am 57 years old. I started smoking when I was 15. on July 03, 2016 i stopped smoking. I was smoking about 13-15 cigs per day when I quit smoking. After that I never smoke even a puff. Thanking God for the power He showered me. Now I am having a problem of short breath some times and hairy gray...

by User avatar GEORGE SEBASTIAN364711

Chantix experience

Answered by a doctor

I wanted to post something regarding my current experience with Chantix.  Despite all the side effects, warnings, testimonials from Facebook friends etc, I started Chantix.  It was my first time on Chantix.  Before that, I had used patches, gums, inhalers and Welbutrin, nothing helped.  I smoked...

by User avatar formersmoker82

Smoking after csf leakage repair surgery

Hi, im a smoker and had pirtuitary tumour op and then 4 days later another op to repair csf leak.. its been a week after the ops. Can i smoke?

by User avatar Guest

Quitting smoking bloating and flu like symptoms that lasts months

Quitting Smoking and Bloating and Flu Like symptoms-I am posting on here because I have not only tried quitting smoking several times only to begin again for my health, but to let others know what I have discovered. It would be so nice to have answers, and I am not sure that I have them, but getting...

by User avatar POTA143364470