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Anybody have Chantix that adversely affected their Narcolepsy? Horror story

Answered by a doctor

I have a professional job. Left to run a couple of errands over lunch and woke up hours later in the hospital - arrested. I have no recollection of 7 hours of my day. Allegedly, I'd gone to a party store and bout a bunch of pints of boos. Boos I don't event drink. Went to the hospital, or...

by User avatar chantixhell

Cotinine urine test at the weekend, but I am a heavy smoker and overweight

I only have Thursday, Friday and Saturday until around 10am to pass a cotinine urine test. I am a heavy smoker and over we. Will apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, vitamin c and gallon of water a day work to pass the test? 

by User avatar Guest

Has anyone else used Wellbutrin to quit smoking?

Answered by a doctor

I am starting the Wellbutrin to quit smoking. Has anyone else used it for this reason, and did it work

by User avatar Chrissy

Do you think it would be wise for me to get back to smoking for the moment?

I am 27, I had been enjoying smoking for the past 10 years. I startd at a time when someone I used to love left me.  10 years later I got attached to another lady but we had to separate due to our situations and was so depressed at that time and was smoking so much that I took a vow not...

by User avatar Yash

passing a cotinine test if I vaped some a week ago

i vaped maybe 10 puffs on a sat night and my cotinine urine test was at 8 am monday morning, i am an infrequent vaper, had,not for awhile,  will i pass?

by User avatar guest18*

Bad dreams after you quit smoking?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, My friend is having bad dreams every night and I'm wondering if it's because she quit smoking about a month ago. I know when I've quit pot in the past I started having gnarly dreams, but they weren't bad. Anyways, if you have, please let me know so I can pass on the info. She's a really cool...

by User avatar JHouse124050

does smoking stunt growth?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I have many friends from which many smoke… I’ve heard somewhere that smoking can stunt your growth – is that true?? Does that effect me by hanging out with them when they smoke, even though I do not smoke???

by User avatar siefert2493

is there any detox for lungs after stopping smoking?

I'm 21 old smoking hashish and cigarettes from years and I quit last week is there any detox for lungs

by User avatar Guest

Stapedectomy smoking cigarette

Answered by a doctor

Can smoking cigarette after Stapedectomy and leave smoking within few days will able to retain good hearing again .if quitted after few days of surgery advice please

by User avatar Yash anonymous

I just quit smoking weed and cigarettes and feel pains in my chest and stomach along with bloating

Answered by a doctor

Please someone should help out, I just quit smoking both weed and Cigarettes for about a week now, since then I feel pains in my chest and stomach after eating, and I also fart a lot of feel like using the toilet after eating spicy foods, I hear my stomach make so much noise after eating or drinking...

by User avatar Simple148