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I quit smoking and wondering how long until I can breathe normally again?

I quit smoking in 4 days or so and my breathing is kind of heavy and short , I would finish a pack in some 4 days or less at times 1 day or 2 and I would smoke swisher tabacco blunts , how long does it take to get my normal breathing back to normal ? I'm young on my teen years , 17 about...

by User avatar Lisa1013

Advice on smoking withdrawal symptoms

Hi, I am in the second week of my therapy for quitting smoking and I have severe withdrawal symptoms, I take nicotine chewing gums and patches. But, I am afraid that I will not manage to keep up much longer without a cigarette. Any advice is appreciated.

by User avatar frances501

Tingling after quitting smoking. What is it caused by?

Answered by a doctor

Hi,  I quit 5 days ago (after uncountable previous attempts) and since then I have had this tingling feeling all over my body, but especially my face - cheeks.  It actually almost hurts. What is it caused by? Has anyone else got this experience?  Also I am worried I won´t enjoy my...

by User avatar gab

Quit smoking and having awful raspy voice, dry throat and completely short of breath

Answered by a doctor

Hey! I smoked 15 year up to 40 fags a day and was crippled with bronchitis! Exactly 11 months ago I decided to quit cold turkey and I've an awful raspy voice,dry throats and completely short of breath's driving me wrong! Doctors said my lungs have never sounded so clear! I don't know...

by User avatar Moll

Today is Saturday and I have to pass a nicotine urine test on Tuesday

 Today is Saturday and I have to pass a nicotine urine test on Tuesday, I smoked a blunt (bud with a Dutch master leaf) does anyone know if it will appear on my test? Thanks ✌

by User avatar Guest

Smoking addict mom, please give advise :)

Hi, I'm a younger teenager and my mom smokes. Both of my grandmother's smoked while my parents were in the womb, so I think I may have developed an allergy to cigarette smoke. My mom still smokes and every time i get in her car, I feel like I'm choking and have to hold my breath for at least a...

by User avatar noname360017

Smoking Harms Fertility by Impairing Uterine Receptiveness

Previous researches found smoking had negative effects on the ovaries and reduced conception chances because of these effects. However, new findings show that smoking actually negatively affects the uterus damaging its lining and impairs the chances of a fetus implanting in the uterus. This is the...

by User avatar Jane232591

Stopped smoking and severe stomach bloating followed

i quit smoking in April of 2017 after smoking for 50 years. Wow!  I never thought I could quit but with Gods help I did it. After about a week I too started having severe bloating and weight gain. Some of the weight gain I can account for since I used cheese it crackers to help with the hand to...

by User avatar Guest

numb fingers while smoking

i smoked for 4 1/2 years and just quit 3 months ago. while i was smoking whenever i would get the slightest chill my fingers would either go completely numb or just get really tingly and stay cold for at least 30 minutes after trying to warm them up. i didnt think this had anything to do with...

by User avatar Guest

Why am I coughing so much after quitting everything, the x ray is all normal but severe cough!

Answered by a doctor

I was a hard-core smoker and at a point of time,  smoked around 15 cigarettes a day,  and smoked almost 12 joints a day,  for past 7 years.  Each and everyday. I recently started having breathless nights and breathing problems, but only at night. So I quit smoking cigarettes and...

by User avatar Guest