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what are throat cancer signs? I'm cigarette user of 10 months. Am I in danger?

sir 10 month i using cigarette. how i get trout cancer

by User avatar kichan359563

What exactly nicotine does in respiratory system?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I have a problem. My 16 year old son has started smoking and even though I am not a type of parent that would scream and yell because of that, I have to explain him the possible consequences. So, what exactly nicotine does in respiratory system? I guess I could win if I have more accurate...

by User avatar chick116072348

side effects of nicotine patches

Answered by a doctor

I quit smoking two weeks and a day ago. I feel OK, and I am definitely not ready to give up the fight, but it is a fight all right, almost every day. I have been thinking of buying some nicotine patches to make sure that I have something to use when the going gets tough and I feel tempted to light...

by User avatar hamel972180729

Does Smoking help you Concentrate??

I have tried top quit smoking few times without success, naturallyļ. Anyway I believe that smoking helps me concentrate in my work. Is this possible? Does smoking help you concentrate? I am totally confused without cigarettes.

by User avatar Guest

Tobacco (chew & cig) mess up drug tests.

Answered by a doctor

The American Medical Board - the books and classes that update licensing state that tobacco (used by many addicts that need drug tests) actually creates a screen, thus making urine tests not promising for drug testing. Comments? Which is the best drug test to use and why?

by User avatar guest

how to get rid of tobacco stains on fingers?

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone knw how to get rid of tobacco stains on Fingers?

by User avatar 0718

We should use alternate of tobacco

Answered by a doctor

It is tough to give up bad habit like smoking.Many people tried to give up smoking.But very few among them were able to give up this bad habit.But we can use alternative of tobacco.We can use E-cigarette.It is very cost effective .So the people who want to leave tobacco can check this modern...

by User avatar rosaline12148582

Switching off the brain's craving for tobacco

Answered by a doctor

Smokers who suffered damage to a particular part of the brain, called insula, had been found to quickly and easily give up smoking without experiencing any urge for a cigarette. The study started after a patient who had smoked 40 cigarettes a day before having had a stroke that damaged his insula...

by User avatar Mick

smoking tobacco vs smoking hubble bubble

Answered by a doctor

is smoking hubble bubble as harmful as smoking tobacco

by User avatar bruce mckeon

can Chewing Tobacco cause Sinus Infections and Snoring?

Answered by a doctor

I have had sinus infections since I can remember, I recently cut out alcohol and noticed an improvement. Question is can Chewing Tobacco cause Sinus Infections and Snoring?

by User avatar jarhead