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Diarrhea after quitting smoking, I don't use nicotine replacement

I quit suffering from diarrhea for 4 days.i am not using nicotine long does it the diarrhea last after quitting.please let me know

by User avatar Vinuu

My experience quitting smoking - ongoing and tough!

Answered by a doctor

Been stalking here a while reading lots of useful info on quitting smoking. I am now in week 7-8 of quitting with the aid of nicotine gum. ________________________________________ Week 1 - Strangely was not as bad as I had imagined, was recovering from gastric/heartburn, so decided to quit at the...

by User avatar stinkyboy292579

much higher blood pressure after I Quit Smoking

Answered by a doctor

I have Quit Smoking now 102 days and i find my Blood Pressure is up much higher, than before and I am finding Breathing very hard sometimes i have to stop walking after a short distance and take a break, i sound like i am about to pass out, I actually feel tired earlier and worse since quitting than...

by User avatar Tony

Natural remedies for COPD, I have already had surgery and chemo

I am interested in all Natural Health remedies. I'm 77 yrs old and on so much medication and would love to give up at least part of them. Any advise would be appreciated. My main problem is COPD. I have already had surgery and Chemo which I will never do again. It's been 10 yrs. and still feeling...

by User avatar Bess0721352181

Quit Cigarettes and now feeling lightheadedness and anxiety

Answered by a doctor

Been a smoker for about 5 yrs (16 years old - 21 years old) Currently. This is my 3rd full complete day not smoking a Cigarette and I'm feeling odd!! --Physical symptoms I've experienced --- ·Lightheadedness (lasted good amount of yesterday) · Accompanying my body getting kind of claim...

by User avatar Chels_xo358306

did anyone have Nicotine blood test and if you had, what can I do to pass the test?

Does anyone have any suggestion that can help me out to have NICOTINE Blood test negative? and do you have any Idea how long I do not smoke to have negative blood Nicotine test?

by User avatar Martha Mina

smoking around children

Hi, my husband doesn’t want to quit smoking and he is even smoking around children. How risky is his behavior?

by User avatar Guest

Quit smoking and after 12 hours had severe asthma attack, later had cigarette to calm asthma

Answered by a doctor

Hi, Several years ago I got off cigarettes and moved to smokeless e-cigs.  I got a chest cold, couldn't breath and went to emergency hospital for nebulizer treatments  and chest x-ray showed I had broken 3 ribs.  Many hours later they sent me home but after 7 days went back to...

by User avatar Guest

I'm 16 and I smoke about 2-3 a day ... I've quit for now but will resume when my exams end

I'm 16 and I smoke about 2-3 a day ... I've quit for now been over a week, but will resume when my exams end ... after I party I'm scared I may not be able to quit ... any help?

by User avatar Guest

skoal dipping

Answered by a doctor

Hello all! I may have a problem but am not so sure. It is about my 16 years old son. I heard him yesterday; when I was passing by his room, talk about skoal dipping with his friends. First I thought of school skipping, but I am not so sure. Could it be something in slang that I don’t understand?...

by User avatar Guest