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Can pregnant women drink green tea?

I found out I am pregnant last week and I have a million questions about it! One of the first things that come to mind is green tea. I have been a serious green tea addict for the past year or so and I am wondering whether it is OK for me to continue this habit into pregnancy. Is green tea OK for...

by User avatar loria548138868

What's your opinion on vegetarian diet?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I heard many different stories about vegetarian diet. Somebody thinks that it’s very healthy but others say that it can be dangerous. I believe that vegetarian diet can be useful for general health. What can you tell me about it? What's your opinion on vegetarian diet? Should I try?

by User avatar kalinda45394

is eating slate pencil harmful for me?

Answered by a doctor

friends i am eating slate pencils for 2 years and nowadays also eating ice cubes .is these habits are harmful for my health?pls tell me.......

by User avatar slate pencil

colloidal silicon dioxide included in other ingredients of a dietary supplement

Is safe to take 'colloidal silicon dioxide' included in other ingredients of a dietary supplement? Any side effect? Best regard William

by User avatar william

vegan diet in pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I need some advice regarding vegan diet. I have decided for a vegan way of life 5 year ago. It works great with me. But I have one dilemma now. I am pregnant and I dont know is vegan diet healthy for the baby, I mean, will I have some troubles because of that. I am three month pregnant and I am...

by User avatar Guest

I'm vegetarian for years. Suddenly I would like to eat meat. Why?

Hi, folks. I have a problem. I have been a vegetarian for years. However, lately I have become sensing something strange. I would suddenly like to eat meat. It is like it came out of nowhere. Can anyone tell me why this happens? I will appreciate all your help considering this. Thanks.

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best diet breakfast

Answered by a doctor

Best Diet Breakfast

by User avatar joice1749173966

IS hydroxypropyl methylcellulose safe to use in dietary supplement pills

Answered by a doctor

i just bought some green tea slim pills dietary supplement and it has hydroxypropyl methylcellulose in it and i was wanting to know if it is safe to take without any major side effects if anyone can respond back and let me know please i would appreciate it very much thank you

by User avatar Guest

What vitamins should I use if I'm on vegetarian diet?

Answered by a doctor

I’m planning to try with vegetarian diet. I heard that it’s very healthy. But my friend told me that usually vegetarians don’t take enough vitamins because some vitamins you can find only in meat. I suppose they need to take supplement of certain vitamins. What vitamins should I...

by User avatar Guest

what are the uses of fruits in catering?

The uses of fruits in catering

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