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Colectomy with ileostomy

Answered by a doctor

I had an emergency colectomy with ileostomy this past March. Major complications but finally home and doing pretty well. My problems are weight loss and dehydration. My appetite is very poor and I am concerned because many times the ileostomy bag is pretty much water. I have alway been a bland eater...

by User avatar Saalwaechter

what foods do I eat after a colectomy?

Answered by a doctor

I had a colectomy a few months ago and it seems that I go to the bathroom with loose stools almost every time. Even when I urinate sometimes the stools also come out loose. There is very little solids. I have been using Benefiber to bulk up. Is there anything else that I can do?

by User avatar dross

How much soy milk is useful for a pregnant women? It says it needs to be taken on regular basis?

I heard that "Soy milk is a high protein plant-based beverage that is a stable emulsion of proteins, water, and oils. It is richly nutritious and is a staple drink for bodybuilders and gym goers. Soy milk boosts physical energy and stamina when taken on a regular basis". How much is it...

by User avatar khaki grab-bag

Problems due to excessive eating of ice

Answered by a doctor

I've noticed that for the past three years I crunch ice constantly,morning noon and night. It's so bad that when I go out I do the same thing in public always have to remove the ice from my drinks and crunch it :-( I'm afraid it may be the lack of something in my diet? I compare it to the same as...

by User avatar Ice queen

no appetite anymore

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I really dont know whats going on. Ive always loved to eat. But for the past couple weeks Ive lost my appetite. I will get hungry, but once i see food or start to eat im suddenly not hungry anymore. Sometimes when im eating i just feel instantly full (a glass of Orange Juice felt like it filled...

by User avatar TheatreQueen06

what should I eat in order to increase my muscles?


by User avatar Mr. Strange364398

i cant stop eating ice what's wrong with me

Answered by a doctor

i can't stop eating ice that's all i want.i'm not hungry anymore i just want ice.i eat ice every two hours or so for some reason i like the tatse people may think there isn't any taste in it but for some reason to me there is.i want to know why is this happening to me.

by User avatar vanessa

chronic pancreatitis diet

Answered by a doctor

I have been in the hospital 8 times for acute pancreatitis and with help from my doctor "bit the bullet at home" (as he would put it) many times. Now I have mild attacks constantly. After much research and reading the Steady and also seeing my doctor on a regular basis, I have...

by User avatar Donna in NC102887

How to increase lipolysis?

Hey everyone. im john a 16 year old athlete 5 feet tall 110 pounds. Im built and very health for my size but i dont feel that my body is as great as it can be. i need tips on how to increase lipolysis to lose body fat to get even more cut cause this is one of the steps i need to go through to lose...

by User avatar lilJ062096268374

how do i add this protein Amelogenin to my diet?

Answered by a doctor

how do i add this protein Amelogenin to my diet? Where do i get it?

by User avatar Guest