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Weakened Immune System- Prevetion and Treatment

Answered by a doctor

We know the immune system, which is the set of cells and their activity against antigens, or infectious agents that comprises of the body's defense system against diseases. The immune system does a great job of keeping people healthy and preventing infections. However, sometimes problems with the...

by User avatar Kyle J. Norton84557

Can somebody explain me what is pollo-vegetarian diet?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, folks. We have all heard about vegetarianism and we all know what it is. But, recently I have heard about pollo-vegetarianism. I would really like to know what kind of diet it is. Can somebody explain me what it is? I would really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you in advance.

by User avatar trevor40930

Any foods that can help me to increase my height?

in my 18 year old my height growth stopped present my height is 22 iam 5feet 4inches please say how can increase my height 15 there any food increase please tell me

by User avatar Guest

Does Eating Slate Pencil affect uterus?

Am eating more Slate pencil it will affect my utters ? am unmarried Now..

by User avatar sang

Are there any natural remedies for a MTHR gene mutation?

I've read that as soon as you're diagnosed as having a MTHFR mutation, there are some steps that you should take, which are mostly natural. These include things like healing your gut by following a candida diet, avoiding any processed foods which contain folic acid (a lot!), eating only organic,...

by User avatar Guest

Can you give me some diet and nutrition recommendations for a MTHFR mutation?

Hello, I've not been tested for the MTHFR mutation (yet), but I recently found out that my B12 levels were abnormally low, lower than 300. Since I eat plenty of meat and fish I don't assume that my low levels are due to diet, but rather caused by some other factor, and I am suspecting a MTHFR...

by User avatar Dyana

Caloric restriction Diet Boosts the Immune System

Answered by a doctor

We all know that the elderly are more sensitive to different pathogens and the reason lies in the immune system getting older as well. Early in life, naïve T cells are being created. These cells are able to fight any pathogen that attacks the body. Once these naïve T cells had fought the...

by User avatar Jenny3481

What times do you eat?

6:30 pre-run banana or cereal, something light or small. 8:30 post-run breakfast, usually bagels or cereal 11:30 lunch. usually I don't eat until later, like today it was around 1. but lately it's been early. 5:30 dinner. also very early for me, but an early snack doesn't help... I want real...

by User avatar MechEngDropout

what i should do after eating a slate pencils

hi guys, iam consuming slate pencils for 1 years i always use super star brand slate is harmful to our health .it has a way to solve a problem. after eating slate pencil u drink gelusil one tablespoon it helpful to digestive a pencils.but dont eat too much of pencils.

by User avatar pravin vkp

ice cubes can harm you. they will suck all your iron from the body and make you anemic

People who r saying ice cubes are not harmfull then plz do some research on it on Google bcz its excess  quantity also is harmful to you must be thinking how its harmful  its made of water yes true but its also called pica like clay...

by User avatar Guest