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What kind of diet I provide to my son so he could be an athlete?

I am a proud mother of my child. I have a son of eleven years old. He wants to be an athlete. I help him as much as I can possible. He exercises twice in a day. It is very much hard job for my child. I want muscle, body and length of my child should be a better build up. So, if any body help me what...

by User avatar Jenifer352935

How to make a lifestyle change when it comes to eating?

So when I started back on a running & exercise program a little over a month ago I did so full force. I began eating 5 times a day, running 4 times a week and working out 2 days a week. And I felt great...even lost around 15 lbs. Well, I think I'm starting to feel the effect of slamming...

by User avatar Guest

what happen in future if u couldn't stop eating slate penciles

iam rupa iam eating slate penciles during the age of 3years now my age is 19 but still i cant able to stop eating slate what problems i have to face in my future

by User avatar Swaroopa

What kind of diet should I have to be healthy and not fat?

Hello, this is Gohan, and I have been wondering, what kind of diet I should have? I am fully confused, eating less is a bad thing since my body takes all the fat it can get, so I logically need to just eat more, but what kind of food? My body type is one of the big ones, I am not skinny naturally, I...

by User avatar UltimateGohan351647

How often do you eat?

I'm used to the following: Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner I've read breaking your meals into 6 smaller meals a day rather than three "square" meals is better for you. Anyone agree?

by User avatar DCRunningDiva

Interesting diet information - Atkins Diet

Answered by a doctor

It's an article that compares and contrasts the Atkins diet and Weight Watchers. Some basic nutrition info is also included in the beginning. My favorite user comment from the bottom of the page... Doing away with dinner, I thought, would reduce my food intake by about 55% - 60%. Not bad....

by User avatar purple hayes

Nutrition dilemma for newbie runner

I’m a newbie runner and I don’t really know anything about a proper nutrition. Can you fill me in on a few basic things that a newbie should know? My diet is not so balanced these days and I like spicy and sweet foods. I want to change that unhealthy habit and start with new way of life....

by User avatar randell

To eat or not to eat?

I get home from work at 6 PM. I used to run usually done by 7:30 and have a shake for dinner. I worried that the shake wasn't helping me any as far as muscle recovery (Boost shake around 300 cals) and what not so I started eating a small dinner. But by the time I make dinner it's 8 or 8:30 before I...

by User avatar akern

How much do you eat?

I recently upped my mileage substantially to 45-50mpw on top of 2 hours/week of weights, 3,000 crunches/week. I am eating the same amount I did before while running 25mpw. Since I upped the mileage, I am hungry a lot, so I'm thinking I may not be eating enough. For the last month I've averaged...

by User avatar elkid

What is the best type of foods to eat

Which foods are the best type to eat and what are to avoid?

by User avatar centreforsurgery348966