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Is there too much soya intake?

I eat and drink soya products on daily basis so my question is if there is too much soya intake? The thing is that 2 years ago I have decided to quit eating meat and dairy products therefore I am a vegetarian now and that is why I developed a habit on using soya products-each day I drink a glass or...

by User avatar atlante31754

what is macrobiotic

I have decided to start with healthy living and really am planning to quit with all that junk food and sweeties so I thought that maybe macrobiotic is a good choice. And the thing is I don't have a clue about macrobiotic and would like to hear what is it about. The thing is that a month ago I met a...

by User avatar brenn35823

Why are meat and dairy necessary in one's nutrition?

I was planning on becoming a vegetarian but my mom claims that if I want to stay healthy I shouldn't avoid eating meat and dairy products so is there some other way I could create vegetarian habits without avoiding those nutrients common in meat and dairy products and would also like to hear why are...

by User avatar rheba164358801

side effects of tyrosine

Hi! I have a question for you all! I am sure there must be someone here who knows about tyrosine? I heard about tyrosine when I was looking at a list of supplements that are recommended for bodybuilders. Would I be right in thinking that tyrosine is an amino acid? What are the side effects of taking...

by User avatar vincent154151540

Do pollo-vegetarians eat fish?

Hello, folks. I have been reading something about pollo-vegetarians. I know that this is some kind of vegetarianism, but I don’t know what it is. Do they eat fish? Or is it something else? I would appreciate if someone could tell me something more about this. Thank you for all your help.

by User avatar freeland32186301

What egg protein supplements is the best?

I have recently gone totally vegan, and I am generally very happy with my decision. There are a few small health concerns that I have in regard to this though, and one of them is the lack of egg protein. Do you think that I need to take a supplement? And which one would you recommend to me?

by User avatar kristos1044133832

Comments and reviews on article "The First Step You Must Take to Cleanse Your Body Toxins"

Users comments and reviews on article The First Step You Must Take to Cleanse Your Body Toxins by KyleNorton

by User avatar Guest

Any antifungal properties of wasabi?

I was at a Japanese restaurant with some friends of mine last week, and we had a great meal! The chef prepared sushi and other dishes right in front of us, and I really liked the wasabi sauce that came along with the dishes as well! Someone even mentioned that wasabi has anti fungal properties! Is...

by User avatar torr1934195395

What can vegans eat in sea food restaurants?

Hello, folks. I am thinking of taking my friend to a restaurant. However, he is a vegan. I was thinking of us going to a sea food restaurant. I wonder what vegans can eat on such places. Can anyone tell me something more about this? I would appreciate all your help.

by User avatar kelly93886303

Anyone had success with nutritional therapy?

Hello, can you help me with my obesity problem. It is not a big one, but still, extra weight exists and I would like to get rid of it. So, I am looking for a best way to deal with it. Did anyone have any success with the nutritional therapy?

by User avatar jermayne189563960