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Diets based on blood types???

I was talking to my massuese yesterday she was talking about how sick she was in Nov. & Dec, and that she found out she is Gluten intolerant. She is now reading a book about how certain blood types benefit from certain diets. She says that she feels much better now that she is losely following the...

by User avatar Running Brewer

What are your thoughts on post run nutrition?

I keep hearing about importance of micronutrients. You suppose to have all the vitamins, minerals and other things in right dose in order to have your body function properly. I usually run for 10k and take nothing when I come back home. Do you think that I should take something and if so what it...

by User avatar lucais

How many calories can i lose running?

Answered by a doctor

I want to shed a few pounds. I like to run so I am thinking of running to lose some fat. What do you think about it? How many calories can I expect to burn and how many pounds of fat can I lose running say, 3 times a week? Thank you for the information.

by User avatar patsy

Does being a vegetarian make your skin "softer"

and by softer, I mean less resistant to abrasion. Last week, I had a bloody sock after running from where my shoe rubbed on my foot. A few days later, I got a MEGA blister on the other foot. It's SUPER painful and I've had to take a couple days off from running to let it heal. Today, on the...

by User avatar purple hayes

How quick is too quick to lose weight?

Question. Got myself waaay out of shape. 5'6" 250, as of 2 weeks ago, anyway. Decided to change my diet, cut out soda, and today was first run in years. On scale this morning, I'm 235. I'm sure it will slow down, but how long can I expect the lbs to fall off so fast?

by User avatar runningjayinlargo

Stuck at the same weight

Hi there i have been working out for the last month and a half: Run 3.2 miles everynight 100 crunches everynight i use the fitda to keep track of everything i eat. my normal calorie intake is about 1200 a day thats about 30% fat something like 25% carbs and the rest in protein. for the last 2...

by User avatar importally

Ideal Race Nutrition

I hear everybody talking about nutrition. It seems that everybody has to say something about it. Suddenly everyone is an expert. I hear so many confusing facts that I don’t know what to eat anymore. You can find some “experts” claiming completely opposite things. Do you have any...

by User avatar law

The reason that does not work "magic diet cold"

The reason that does not work "magic diet cold" - balance is incorrect. Overestimating costs calories to heat the body, we often allow ourselves too much at dinner. And if the script included "I'm so cold, you can eat more," if not down the drain. Third, the main reason for...

by User avatar jeanmorris88

What Should Be In a Runners Diet?

Proper nutrition is important among runners for two reasons. One is to supplement their energy to achieve power performance. And two is to meet their nutritional needs. However, runners diet and proper nutrition are two of the most overlooked aspects of running that many runners, novices most...

by User avatar coolrunner

How do you recover after a run?

How do you eat or supplement after long runs?

by User avatar shortlegs1