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Any good nutritional books?

Can anyone reccommend a sports/fitness/running type book on nutrition? I am very healthy, but I know my diet isn't very good. So, I am reading some stuff on the "new food pyramid" in a newsweek from like a month ago, and I decided that I need to try and do something about this. I won't be 32...

by User avatar coachmarkos

I just recently started the vegetarian life and I assumed I was lacking in nutrients

I just recently started the vegetarian life and I assumed I was lacking in nutrients. I see now that it's most definitely the cashews haha. I had a whole tin and a few dried nectarines. The next day my stool was just.... Well you all know lol 

by User avatar Guest

Fast food and swimming - is it doable?

I know that generally speaking fast isn’t recommended both because it’s not healthy and because it can lead to obesity. Unfortunately it so damn tasty and I can’t resist it. Do you think that I could eat it sometimes since I train swimming? I mean it will be impossible to get fat...

by User avatar bartie

healthy diet that would be beneficial to someone who runs daily

I am trying to start eating healthier, and need to learn more about a healthy diet that would be benificial to someone who runs daily. At the moment I really know nothing about it. What is the ideal runner's diet? What type of foods, and about how much should a typical runner eat? I'm looking for...

by User avatar 5k

I used to eat slate pencils 2 to 3 years when I was 18. Can that affect my future pregnancy?

I used to eat slatepencils 2 to 3 years when I was 18 years.20 to 30 slatepencils per a day Now Iam 24 From 4 years onwards Iam not eating slatepencils  1 year back I have got married  I'm getting dought did I have any pregnancy problem? My periods are...

by User avatar Swasa

Eating Crushed Ice, my iron levels have always been perfect

I am addicted to eating crushed ice. I started eating ice about 3-4 years ago. I was pregnant at the time (about 4-5 months along). My best friend worked at a gas station and when I could go to visit her, I would get a cup of ice. This habit slowly progressed to a daily thing - even when she...

by User avatar briannalarue

I have a bad habit of eating slate chalks

i know its harmful but i have this bad habit and to stop it i don't buy them n still i really miss it a lot!!!!  :'(

by User avatar Guest

How do I know if I caught any bacteria from eating sushi?

Just ate sushi ( salmon over rice). And I am worried about bacteria. How do I know if I caught any bacteria? Like I normally eat a vegan diet but Sometimes I eat fish

by User avatar Kiyoshi10

What about being vegetarian and exercising?

What about being vegetarian and exercising?! That is why your ldl is lower.

by User avatar Guest

Diet after colon resection

Answered by a doctor

i had a portion of my colon taken out last week, and I did research on diet before and after the surgery. I still cannot believe that doctors do not have a handle on how post op patients need and desperately want diet direction. My surgeon told me for the next ten days he wants me on the "McDonalds...

by User avatar Jus