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Clicking noise while I sleep

Answered by a doctor

My husband tells me that I have this clicking noise while I sleep. He says it is loud enough to wake him up. What is it and how can I fix it?

by User avatar sgross

Weird Thin Plastic Like Coating in my mouth

2 days ago I got this weird numbness in my mouth that feels like a numbing thin plastic coating and I can't get rid of it.  It feels like thin plastic is covering my lips as well.  It's not sexually transmitted as I've not had any sexual esposides in years.  Anyone every experienced this?  Could...

by User avatar Cb

Rough feeling on inner lower lip, inside cheeks and under tongue

I have seen some older related posts on this topic but see no meaningful answers. Part of the problem is that people aren't motivated to respond to something that was posted 7 years ago. So, here is a fresh take on the problem: For over 20 years, I have experienced a rough feeling on my inner lower...

by User avatar HealthUX348543

nausea, dizziness wisdom teeth?

Answered by a doctor

For about a week now, I have been feeling quite out of it. It is somewhat hard to explain. Last Saturday, I experience a feeling of lightheaded-ness that subsided within a couple of hours. This feeling again returned on monday. Since monday I have been having various feelings of lightheaded ness and...

by User avatar kleptocrat78542

Would this be "circumvallate papillae" ?

Answered by a doctor

I had just recently been sick. Actually, I am just today starting to feel better. I had the chills, a headache, and dizziness. That is all gone now, I broke my fever, and all I have left is a sore throat. I was trying to look in my throat to see if I had strep, but it doesn't look like anything's...

by User avatar mayang_203

macular hole causing by extracting a tooth

Answered by a doctor

After having her tooth extracted my grandmother started complaining about a blurry vision and seeing floaters. Even though she is 60 and bad vision somehow goes along with getting old, we decided to take her to an ophthalmologist. If we didn’t, she would just go on and on about it. Anyway, after...

by User avatar cathi698

24 years of itching gums! Can you explain it?

Answered by a doctor

My gums have itched in several focal spots for as long as I can remember. I regularly visit dentists, and I have no history of periodontal disease. The itching is constant, 24 hours a day, every day. It has been relentless since childhood, even before I lost all my deciduous teeth. I regularly...

by User avatar Guest

Butter after taste, to everything I eat or drink for the last 4 days.

Answered by a doctor

For the last 4 days everything I eat or drink has a buttery after taste or finish. Its driving me nuts. Its not bitter, its kind of creamy butter like. I have never had any heath problems, good bmi, no dental issues, don't smoke or chew. I dont eat much seafood. Not allergic to anything. Not...

by User avatar ne930

Fordyce On Lips Cure

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Fordyce on lips - think I have found a cure thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Bitter taste in my mouth during/after I eat

Answered by a doctor

In response to: "I'm replying to the bitter taste questions. I had the same thing and found a Dutch forum were > 200 people have a bitter taste in the mouth after eating something I don't know the translation for, it would be something like: pain tree pip but I don't know if that makes any sense....

by User avatar Guest