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Is my tongue piercing infected?

Answered by a doctor

i just got my tongue recently periced 3 days ago, and just yesterday night i realized that the tastebuds around my piercing became yellowish white . My pierce is on a huge slant , due to my short tounge and long web, it had to be peiced that way . Everytime i eat, it irritates the top of the...

by User avatar Guest

Which one is best for crowded teeth - clear aligner or Invisalign?

I am a bit confused. Which would be better suited for my teeth, and how long will they take to work?

by User avatar frequent tap

Could professional dental cleaning stop my gums from bleeding?

So, like so many of you, I have an issue with my gums. They are bleeding for a couple of minutes when I stop to brush my teeth. I don't know why this happens, but I was wondering to visit my dentist and to ask him to help me with this. But I am not sure how a dentist can help me? Could...

by User avatar Happy Owl

DIY sage mouthwash - has anyone had any success regarding bleeding gums treatment?

Hello people, I am here because I want to know what do you think about DIY sage mouthwash? I was reading something about this, but I am not quite sure what this is and what this means?  And of course, I am willing to try it no matter what, because I am kind of obsessed with it, with my...

by User avatar Happy Owl

I brush twice a day and I floss, but I have problems with bleeding gums.

Good day everyone! I have problems with my oral health, well it is not a problem, my boyfriend calls me crazy because he believes that one day I will stay without all the teeth and I don't know what to think about this :/ LOL. Anyway, the problem is that I brush twice a day and I floss, but...

by User avatar Happy Owl

Did anyone had bone surgery because of gum disease? How did it go?

hi guys, so I am really, really scared about my teeth issue, about my mouth issue - I don't know how to call it. anyway, I went to visit my dentist because I felt some pain in my gums. after he checked me, he told me that it seems that I will have to go to a bone surgery because of the gum...

by User avatar Happy Owl

My dentist suggest Chlorhexidine mouthwas as a bleeding gums treatment

Hi everyone. So, I really hope that you can help me with some advice because when I talk about this problem with my friends and even my mom, they keep telling me that I am overreacting to anything. Anyway, I have issues with bleeding gum so I went to see my dentist. He told me that, of...

by User avatar Happy Owl

Did anyone had a flap surgery because of gum disease?

so, after three years or even more, I went to see my dentist, just to see what he has to say to me about my teeth and its health.  when I did that, he told me that I should come earlier because it is a little bit immature waiting for that long. I mean, I feel ok, I don't have any pain in my...

by User avatar Happy Owl

What can I do to stop my gums bleeding?

This problem maybe is not that serious, but it is really, really irritating. And I am aware that I am not an exception, that a lot of people have the same issue like I do. But I want to know what I need to do in order to stop my gums bleeding? It doesn't matter do I brush my teeth, do I eat...

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What are some home remedies that could help treat bleeding gums

Whenever I brush my teeth I see a blood. No matter what type of brush I choose. I am hurting my gums all the time and I am not sure anymore what the cause of this problem is. I have tried to change a tooth paste, brush, but still nothing. I spit blood all the time. Can you help me, tell me about...

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