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bleeding gums, what do I do?

I have bleeding gums, what do I do? For as long as I remember, I had problems with teeth and gums. Teeth are easily infected and while under infection, gums bleed all the time. Even when I fix my teeth, gums continue with bleeding, even when I am brushing. I know that I have sensitive gums, but...

by User avatar wheeler32998

Sore teeth, swollen and bleeding gums, sore right side of throat???

Answered by a doctor

If anyone here can help, it would be greatly appreciated. A few days ago my gums started to bleed when I brushed my teeth.. now they bleed when i eat, drink or brush my teeth. I am in severe pain with it and I also have pain in my throat on the right side.. its very sensitive to the touch and i...

by User avatar Guest

Is Aspirin to blame for my bleeding gums?

I have to admit that I never though that simple cold could get complicated this much. First, it is not passing, even after 10 days. And now I also have to deal with bleeding gums. A friend suggested that some meds might cause that. Could aspirin be blamed for my bleeding gums and is that something...

by User avatar lawrence194656462

Constant vanilla taste in mouth

Answered by a doctor

This is the second time that my father has had a constant "vanilla extract" taste in his mouth. The first time was for 4 months in a row and it has now started again. He says that it comes from his saliva. Any ideas where this may be coming from or causing it? He says that everything...

by User avatar newfiegirl129272

hives and tooth abcess

Answered by a doctor

hello! I know I have a tooth abcess and I have a second dentist appointment in two days. Howeevr, I have developed hives all over my body. I haven’t been eating anything that I haven’t eaten earlier, and I know that teeth can cause so many other problems, so I was wondering if it could have...

by User avatar Guest

gum pimple puss

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 22 year old male and just recently I have noticed that I have a small kind of pimple on my gum right over my left canine tooth! It really was a strange to me although- it looked like a usual pimple that could be seen on skin. I tried to squeeze it and small amount of puss came out. It...

by User avatar Guest

surgery statistics uvula apnea

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My husband suffers from obstructive sleeping apnea and as there weren’t any medications we are thinking about having a surgery, and we would like to know more about the possibilities. What kind of surgeries are there? Thank you

by User avatar Guest

Tongue piercing bump, it is white and under my tongue

Hiya, so ive had my tongue piercing for 4 weeks on friday. The last 3 weeks ive noticed this white bump under my tongue and the bar. Theres also a small bump inside my tongue when i pinch it. There seems to be no puss inside the white bump under my tongue and ive changed to a shorter barbell after 2...

by User avatar Guest

Tongue piercing and I don't have swelling but there is a clear yellow bubble coming from the hole

I got my tongue done 3 days ago and I have no swelling or anything but there is a clear yellow ish bubble of the top coming out from the hole with blood inside it ? What could this be ??!

by User avatar Guest

Wisdom tooth extraction and now having bad taste in mouth and my tongue is different color

Had my wisdom tooth out 4 days ago and I’m coming up with a real bad taste in my mouth and my tongue is slightly a different colour and feels like it’s so dry all the time what could this be?

by User avatar minute elongation