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What does an apicoectomy entail? how long does it take to recover? will it hurt?

I have recently had a second root canal treatment on my premolar. A crown has been fitted, how ever i have had a root canal infection, which has resulted in me having a second course of antibiotics, the dentist said if these are not successful in reducing the infection he will refer me to a...

by User avatar louise.rixon89773

periodontal disease and gum surgery

Hello! I have periodontal disease gingivitis. My gums are very red, and swollen, often bleed and hurt when I eat. It drives me crazy, and I really want to get rid of this discomfort as soon as possible. That is why I am wondering if I can have a surgery. Is there anybody who knows?

by User avatar Guest

My husband has swelling in jaw and a sore on gum

My husband started with a sore on his gum, and then a week later his jaw was swollen. He doesn't have teeth anymore and rarely ever wears hjis dentures. But his jaw is swollen and it feels as big as a golf ball, but that is located on the jaw and not in his mouth. Can anyone tell me what it could...

by User avatar Josephinebw