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White discharge from gums and mouth after brushing teeth

Answered by a doctor

Hi, After brushing my teeth I experience about a 10 minute period in which there is white gel like substance that is secreted from my mouth almost like a film...what is that ?

by User avatar crest

horrible taste in mouth 4 days after tooth extraction

Answered by a doctor

hello! After terrible pain I have been feeling in my mouth, I went to a dentist and he had to extract my teeth. However, it has been 4 days after the extraction and I am experiencing horrible taste in my mouth. Any ideas what this could be? Thx

by User avatar Guest

Highly depressed after wisdom teeth removal?

I got my wisdom teeth removed last Friday and ever since then I’ve been having so many thoughts of suicide. I haven’t cut in months and I just now started cutting again. The whole process of getting my teeth was awful I hurt for a week nonstop. But now I’m not feeling any pain in my teeth...

by User avatar Guest

Butter after taste, to everything I eat or drink for the last 4 days.

Answered by a doctor

For the last 4 days everything I eat or drink has a buttery after taste or finish. Its driving me nuts. Its not bitter, its kind of creamy butter like. I have never had any heath problems, good bmi, no dental issues, don't smoke or chew. I dont eat much seafood. Not allergic to anything. Not...

by User avatar ne930

Soapy taste in mouth

Answered by a doctor

Yesterday morning, I began to have a bad taste of soap in my mouth. I have made no changes in my diet. I did not use the wrong tube to brush my teeth. As the day wore on, the soapy taste became worse. Please help. This is terrible!

by User avatar daphil80559

Sharp pain on tongue

Answered by a doctor

Hello I am 46 year old man, I am getting sharp pain on my tongue for a few seconds . I had this problem one month before and it repeated almost every day. There was no problem for almost last 2 weeks. Yesterday night it started again repeated two times. Pain is like a cutting the tongue. very...

by User avatar tomydany100346

Burning mouth syndrome treatment

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have a burning sensation on my tongue and gums. My doctor said that it’s called a burning mouth syndrome, but she doesn’t know what caused it. Can anyone tell me what are the most common causes, and what is the best way to treat burning mouth syndrome?

by User avatar Guest

side effects of tongue piercings

Answered by a doctor

Do you have any scientific information about tongue piercings and any side effects that may cause? This is something I need to know fairly quickly, because my daughter, who is 19 years old, really wants to get a tongue piercing and I am trying to talk her out of it. Is there any chance you can lose...

by User avatar brett_158839158839

toothache all the time followed with a bad smell coming from my mouth

hi...Stefan here My teeth are totally smelly and gives bad smell and i am done with it and please help me through it because i am fed up of all this ..... Stefan 

by User avatar finest hexagon

gum graft after surgery

Answered by a doctor

What can I expect after having a gum graft surgery done?

by User avatar Guest