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constant sweet taste in mouth

Answered by a doctor

I have a constant sweet taste in my mouth. Does anyone have any idea as to what may be causing it ? It's really driving me nuts ! Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Kim

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Cocaine and Teeth Extraction

Answered by a doctor

I was wondering what effect does cocaine use have on someone after they have had teeth extracted. (I hope this is in the right place).

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Tooth extraction and mastrubation.

Hello I was wondering...How long I would have to wait untill masterbating after a tooth extraction. I had read that you can't have sex or masterbate after. Was wondering for how long? I'm not sure if this is in the right place. I am sorry if its not. :-( Any feedback would be much appreciated....

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I have 3 tiny cold sores on my mouth and gums are really red and inflamed

has 3 tiny closed sores on mouth, but gums are really red or inflamed

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Something Moving in My Gums?

Hi, I have been experience random pain INSIDE of my gums for about 6 months now. There is no redness, lumps, or anything like that, just pain and it feels like there is something sliding around inside of my gums. I am worried that it may be Human Gongylonema Infection, and I am looking for insight.

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rubber allergy and gutta percha as a root canal filling mate

Answered by a doctor

For a person suffering rubber allergy, is it SAFE to use gutta percha as a root canl filling material? If not, what is a suitable alternative root canal filling material? A dental surgeon has suggested RESOLON. Is resolon suitable?

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Anything sweet makes me feel sick

I cannot eat anything slightly sweet as it makes me feel sick. This started about 2 weeks ago- why?

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Rough feeling under tongue between base and bottom teeth

Answered by a doctor

Hello The softer area beneath the tongue between the base of the tongue and gumline has a rougher (sandier) feel than normal when probing with the tip of my tongue. This has been the case for about a week. I first noticed it during being in a salt water pool which had also had chlorine added, and...

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What can dentist do if I have problems with bleeding gums?

I never had problems with bleeding gum since last year. it started to bleed like crazy. I really am not sure what to do but I can't say that it is not pleasant, I keep having this metal taste in my mouth. I was wondering, can I visit dentists about this issue? I mean, what the dentist can tell me...

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Lips.cheeks Peeling

Answered by a doctor

Hey there, I have a very strange problem and for my sake I hope there is some more people with it …sorry :-) Inside my mouth (lips and cheeks) are peeling. This feels very strange, especially when I touch it with tongue. I can actually take the skin off … Is anybody here with this problem?...

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