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small spot on tongue numb after piercing

Answered by a doctor

ok so i got my tongue pierced on jan 21st and it hurt quite a but but immediately after the tip of my tongue directly in front of the barbell and a little but bigger than the width of the barbell was completely numb. it was like that for the first two days. but now is day 5 and it feels like...

by User avatar ohboyshay102480

Are tooth decays heredity?

Are tooth decays heredity? It seems that both of us, my mom and me, have same problems with decay. I was wondering could I inherit that from her.

by User avatar Guest

Tooth extracted - "draining" slimy gritty salty burning taste in mouth one year later

Answered by a doctor

I had a tooth, upper right, 4th from back (not a molar) extracted.  (root canal went bad).   Ever since I have this mucous taste - gritty, slimy "draining " in my mouth.  It actually stings my tongue, and makes like a bubbly crackling "noise" inside my mouth.  I have been to Mayo, 7 dentists, 3...

by User avatar Stacy

Very strange back pain when I swallow.

Answered by a doctor

I’m very puzzled and hope someone may have an answer. For about a week now, when I drink cold liquids or eat cold foods, I get a pain that shoots down my upper left side of my back. It goes away in one second. It’s almost as if I feel it running down my left side of my back and then the pain is...

by User avatar suz4

Yellow jacket sting on inside of lip. I had a small part of tongue removed due to cancer surgery

18 Months ago I had tongue cancer surgery and lost a small part of my tongue and 42 lymph nodes.  Today I was stung by a yellow jacket on the inside of my lip while drinking from a can.  Should I be concerned because of the node removal?

by User avatar garyo

What is causing salty taste in mouth?

Answered by a doctor

You would not believe me when I say what kind of problems I am experiencing. I'm 23 year old female and I got this strange problem that is hunting me for over than four months. I have a salty taste in my mouth that won't go away. Everything i eat taste salty as well. It doesn't matter how many...

by User avatar Guest

dental procedure-serious muscle neck problems

About 6 years ago I underwent a root canal at the dentist office. Since that time I have developed problems that continue to get worse. My pain at first started with my jaw. They told me it was TMJ so I underwent some treatment for that. No help. My pain moved to my neck. Then to my shoulder, arm ,...

by User avatar ksf19200

Numbness in left side lower lip and chin following a routine dental checkup

My lower left lip and chin have been numb for 3 weeks following a routine dental checkup.and cleaning

by User avatar Guest

Stomach problems with constant shortness of breath.

Answered by a doctor

Hi, Last year in August, I got sick to my stomach after eating an afternoon meal. For two weeks I was unable to keep anything down had to get IV because I was dehydrating. I had all kinds of blood tests which came back normal, I had a ultrasound and an EKG which were both fine. I also had an...

by User avatar tinygirl

smoking marijuana with dry socket?

Answered by a doctor

i got my wisdom teeth pulled, all of them then i got dry socket, it has been 8 days since extraction my question to you all is, since i already have dry socket, can i smoke with dry socket? or will that delay healing? make it worse??

by User avatar Guest