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Do autistic kids lie?

Answered by a doctor

I observe my 6 years old son diagnosed with autism and I wonder if he’s capable of lying. I’m well informed of autistic child behaving but want to know do autistic kids lie. Thanks.

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non-virgin 15 year old daughter wearing all white for her easter vigil baptism

She lost her virginity to a boy at a party last year when she was 14 and now she is 15 and finially being baptized at easter vigil in 2015.At our parish,the preteen and teen girls wear the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees baptism dress with a bonnet,undershirt,cloth diaper,plastic...

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My family preferrs to be nude at home

Answered by a doctor

:-DHI, I AM A 27 YEAR OLD MOM FROM Denmark. 5 4 to 11,year old twin boys....we see no reason to wear cloths in our home or in the woods on our ranch.some mom in USA seem to freak-out even seeing their 3 year old naked.( Many moms even force their kids to wear pajamas to bed.) We see no shame...

by User avatar motherrgoddess303077

My son has started spending a lot of time in his room after showers

Hi. My son has started spending a lot of time in his room after showers.( 13yo hasn't hit puberty) I he him whispering saying stuff like . Why haven't I don't this before. This feels so good. Is that a sign of his masterbaiting

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My 14 year old daughter having sex

Answered by a doctor

I just found out that my daughter has had sex. I overheard her on the phone with her boyfriend. I confronted her and yes there were tears from both sides. She had sex about 3 weeks ago. I don't know what to do. I find it odd that a friend (mom, dad, even teen) can ask me for advice and I could...

by User avatar brandee10198637

parenting with sexuality, I raised my son a nudist from a young age. Does that make me a bad parent

I raised my son a nudist from a young age.He was more naked than clothed.In his teen years like all boys,even in his pre teens sometimes got aroused,especially watching the divas wrestle.He always lay in front of the tv nude of course, and had erections most of the times watching them...

by User avatar unfair capitulation

How to deal with son's erections? He doesn't particularly hide them. Should I tell him to?

My son's turned 13 and he starts to get erections. He doesn't particularly hide them. Should I tell him to? As a kid he used to be naked on various occasions but what seemed to be ok with a small boy starts to feel weird with an adolescent with obvious sexual issues. I don't particularly want to...

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my boyfriend wants to finger me?

Okay, I'm 13 I've never been fingered/done anything sexual. My boyfriend is very respectful he said he wants to finger me&i said I would let him but I'm scared because of puberty if you know? I'm nearly 14 so I'm not to young. I'm not planning on going further!! Just fingering I'm not sure how...

by User avatar beccamarIe

Caught 13 year old son naked with his 13 year old cousin (boy)

Answered by a doctor

I walked into my sons room after hearing giggling (door was open) and saw him and another boy his same age naked.  They actually just had shorts, and underwear pulled down.  I told them to pull up their pants and get out into living room.  I am a very open minded parent and asked them what they...

by User avatar JustlookingforAnswers

teenage daughter smoking weed

Answered by a doctor

I have serious problem with my daughter. I am a single mother. My daughter is 15 years old. Lately she becomes problematic. She always had an attitude and she was independent, but until now those were her qualities. She is seeing some new friends. Yesterday I catch her smoking weed with her friend...

by User avatar clarice31045