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I have very bad nightmares. What can i do to stop them?

I have had very bad night meorris lately and they wont stop and i dont have money for a deram checher HELP.

by User avatar GamerProM

i think my 8 year old niece started her period

I am home with my niece and she is 8 years old and my wife is at the store...i told her to pick up pads but at first my niece told me she was bleeding, and i didnt understand what she was saying at first then she showed me the bloody spot on the sheets. I then realized it was her period... as her...

by User avatar Guest

Is this emotional abuse?

Answered by a doctor

My step dad and mom have been married for almost 9 years. He has good and bad days. One minute he will be playing with me and the next he will scream in my face. When he yells.... It's so loud your about to pee. He traps you. Sometimes he walks so close you have to back up. Once he was yelling at me...

by User avatar mkenziew270857

My 9 yr old daughter is my topic

I am a working mom with a 9 year old and 4 year old at home.  My 9 yr old daughter is my topic.  She cannot find anything that ever fits her right except for pajama pants and moccacins and they have to be the furry kind.  She goes to a private school and has to wear a uniform but every day for...

by User avatar mgula

Pregnant 13 year old step daughter?

Answered by a doctor

My name is Alison I am expecting my 5th baby and i'm 22 weeks i also have 4 other children with my husband they are aged 11, 9, 8 and 4. We also have a step daughter living with us she came to live with us about a year ago as she had fallen out with her mother. She turned 13 in February of this...

by User avatar alison.hoyle209538

puberty in boys

Answered by a doctor

well i was at school a few weeks ago and noticed that the girl beside me in physics was had her legs open and i could see under her skirt. she was wearing a pink pair of panties. so i looked over every few minutes and kept seeing it. then the bell rang for lunch. after lunch i went into english i...

by User avatar Guest

My 15 yr old is pregnant!

Answered by a doctor

I just found out that my 15 yr old daughter is pregnant. A week before Christmas I found out, thats not the only thing she new, well thought she was, kept it a secret until she could'nt, now shes going into her third trimester. not only that when I took her for a first time ob-gyn app. We found out...

by User avatar deede007212694

Underage Sex no idea what to do

I'm 16 years old and I just found out that my 14 year old sister has been having sex with her boyfriend. She claims she loves him but she is only 14 so I don't know if this really is Love or not? I was on her phone sending a message to a mate and I looked at some messages from her boyfriend and they...

by User avatar Guest

Daughter having sex

Answered by a doctor

My daughter is 13 years old. I have talked to her many times about the dangers of having sex and how important it is to wait. I thought we had a very open and close relatiionship until today. Today i found out she is having sex. My daughter tells me it is not a big deal and not to worry. I feel very...

by User avatar angerydad

Ive been asked 2 questions by my daughters. Help me answer it the right way.

i have a tough question for you just for basic info, we are a nudist family. we(me and my wife) have brought up or kids that way. they are twin daughters(14) and one son (15.5). we have all taught them, because we are nudist, and they do it freely, wherever, and when ever in the house. ...

by User avatar Guest