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Is it possible to be allergic to birds?

Hi, I am 27 years old and I would like to ask you about the bird allergy. Is it actually possible to be allergic to birds? My new boyfriend has a pet parrot and it looks like I am having breathing problems each time I get near that bird. He says that no one had the similar problems and I am really...

by User avatar chandal51493

allergic to my dog

Although my doctor is telling me that I don't have dog allergy, every time am with a dog I have problems. My eyes start to burn and I get rash, especially on my eyelids. It is disturbing because it keeps coming back. What can I do to stop this? I like dogs very much and avoiding them is not an...

by User avatar cecil33253

symptoms of pet allergies

My children like very much to visit their grandparents. They will have vacation next month and they would like to visit my parents. My worrying is about theirs pet allergies. My parents are living in country and they have a lot of pets. I suppose that I should talk to my parents about pet allergy...

by User avatar hilary34610

Can a rash in the mouth be an allergy symptom?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I need an opinion about my situation. I've never had any allergies to anything and I've had pets all my life - cats and dogs and never had any problems. But 5 days ago my husband brought home a puppy ( Terier ) and the next day I developed a strange simptom. I got a rash and irritation on the...

by User avatar JaneSS50259

allergic to my cat

Hi, I have always liked cats, but I just could not decide to by one until three weeks ago. For the first two weeks everything was going great. I was so happy and Kitty wasn't complaining either. Kitty is my cat's name. But, the last couple of days were nightmare for me. At first I thought that I was...

by User avatar arlyne45090

Im allergic to my dog

I think that I allergic to short haired dogs. What can I take or do to help with the rash that comes on my neck, arms and anywhere else that my do g touches. I thought that if I got a pomerian that the allergies wouldnt bother me because she has long fur but I am going insane with the constant...

by User avatar sexxy4steven

Got bite by my cat and it got infected, seeking no medical help i got healed by natural plants

Answered by a doctor

Wednesday around 11am i got bite by my house cat on my index finger on my right hand. About 12 hours later i noticed my hand was tight and swollen and red, with two red lines running from the top of my hand up my forearm straight to my arm pit. I didnt think much too it so i hit the hay and woke up...

by User avatar aleXXX

Allergic to Dogs

I have been a dog lover all my life, but I am also asthmatic and I have a lot allergies. The worst is that I started to be allergic to dogs. Luckily, I have discovered that I can tolerate hairless dog breeds better than coated ones. When I realized this sad fact, I was so angry because I think dogs...

by User avatar Guest

I think that I'm allergic to horses!

Hello, guys. I went to my friend’s ranch for a weekend. There, for the first time in my life I saw horses and I rode. However, after awhile, I got some skin rash and nasal congestion. Maybe this sounds silly, but I think that I’m allergic to horses. I would like to hear if this possible....

by User avatar floria19082225

Do you know any cures of pet allergies?

Hello. My son brought cat to our home and we decided to keep it. Nevertheless, I have been experiencing lately nasal congestion, headaches and watery eyes. It is possible that I have pet allergy. Is there anyone who knows cure of this? I would really appreciate all your replies considering this.

by User avatar cammi42076