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Comments and reviews on article "Allergic To Cats And Dogs"

Users comments and reviews on article Allergic To Cats And Dogs by Dr. Shelley Narula

by User avatar Guest

Dog & Cat Allergies

Hi, I believe that my children are allergic to cat hair. Ever since, we got ourselves a cat they started to sneeze and have difficulties breathing. Should I keep dogs and cats far away from my house?

by User avatar Guest

Is acupuncture good treatment for cat allergies?

Hi! I really need a good advice. So, please, help me! I’m allergic to cats for years. I try many things but I’m not satisfied. My friend told me that I need to try with some alternative way of healing. Does anybody know is acupuncture good treatment for cat allergies? Thanks!

by User avatar suzanna18154996

My cat scratched my mom :(

Hi guys Couple of weeks ago my cat scracth my mom it was small and healing but 3 days ago he scratch the same hand badly :( her hand swollen and she cant move her hand. She got tetaunas shots and usimg 2 antibiotics for 2 days now. İts been little better but still feel responsible :(( Could she...

by User avatar Rgnphlng

cat bite on the top of my hand

Answered by a doctor

I need answers asap please i have a cat bit on the top of my hand its red around it and then light red around the whole top of my hand and swollen when i move my fingers it hurts my whole hand i have yellow/greenish puss coming out of it im needing to know if i need to go to the doctor or medicine...

by User avatar TashaLieb22