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Problem with cat bite

Answered by a doctor

I was bit on the hand last night by my neighbors 18 yr old cat, who was fretting about her master not being home. The puncture wounds are at on top of my hand by the thumb joint and over about 3 inches. I immediately scrubbed it out, used peroxide and antibiotic ointment. I woke at 330a with pain....

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My mother is allergic to cats but I do not want to lose my cat!

Hi, I have a small problem. I recently found a tiny cat, left on the street and I couldn’t resist to bringing her home. The problem is in my mother, because she is allergic to cats. I don’t want to lose my pet, is there anything I could do to prevent my mother’s allergic reactions?

by User avatar dee dee76095214

puncture wound a little above saddle joint

I was climbing a fence and the top part of it punctured my palm, I didnt think it was that bad until I got home and the band aid i had put on was covered in blood. So it took it off and cleaned it out with soap and warm water, put neosporin on it and covered it up with a new band aid. When doing all...

by User avatar Erinn

Commercial steam cleaner

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what are the types of cat allergies?

Hello, folks. My friend got a cat for her birthday, but it seems she is allergic. She has nasal congestion and headache. She tells me that there are different types of cat allergies. I would like to know what the types are. Does anyone know to answer me this? I would really appreciate all your...

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Dogs And Allergies

Hello, we bought a puppy and found out that our youngest is allergic to dogs (she is also asthmatic). She starts sneezing whenever she is around him. Is there anything to prevent this allergy?

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Can I be allergic to a pet even if the tests say I'm not?

Hi! Few weeks ago I realized that I’m allergic to pets and I went to my doctor. He sent me to an allergist and I did some skin tests. And they showed that I’m not allergic to pets at all. I’m wondering can I be allergic to a pet even if the tests say I'm not?

by User avatar fidole46255780

Can allergy shots help in my cat allergy treatment?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I know that I’m allergic to cats. I did some allergic test and it show that I can not stand to be near cats. The problem is that I need to go to live in my sister’s home and she has two cats. I’m wondering can allergy shots help in my cat allergy treatment?

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Hi, whenever a dog licks me face or anywhere around my body i get red bumps on me but how can i be allergic to the dogs saliva? also how can i find what kind of i can have as a pet since im allergic to dogs

by User avatar booboo750899563

Should I do a blood or skin test to see am I allergic to pets?

Hi, there. My boyfriend brought a cat to his home and now I am experiencing headaches and nasal congestion. I cannot persuade him that this is caused by his cat. Please, tell me if I should do a blood or skin test to see am I allergic to pets. What is your opinion about this? Thanks.

by User avatar sharai72697038