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got bit by a cat

Hello, just last night my mother got bit by a tiny kitten on her finger and a few scratches on her arms, she told me she couldn't sleep because of the pain on her finger. The bite on her finger in not very noticeable but her finger is now swelling up and just a bit red, her finger is still in pain...

by User avatar Karla Rosales

cat scratch adult

Answered by a doctor

I am concerned about something. Few days ago my girlfriend’s cat scratched me. The cat is healthy but I can not stop thinking that I could have contracted some disease. Can you tell me more about it?

by User avatar denoble130

Is there a way I could keep my dog if I’m allergic to him?

Hi! I think I have a big problem. I noticed that I became allergic to my dog. I’m desperate. I adore him. I don’t know what to do. My nose is running for weeks and my eyes are red now. Is there a way I could keep my dog if I’m allergic to him?

by User avatar Guest

What medicine to take if I’m allergic to pets?

Hi! I think I’m allergic to pets. Two days ago I came to visit my aunt. It’s my first visit to her new home. Also last month she bought two big cats. I like cats but I’ve never lived with them in same house. What medicine to take if I’m allergic to pets? Thanks!

by User avatar phillis46112

Cat bite getting worse

Answered by a doctor

I was bitten by a kitten 2 wks ago and thought nothing of it. I'm a masculent guy and thought it would be ok. I didn't notice any swelling or redness around the bite on my middle finger but I really wasn't expecting things to escalade like they have. After work I pulled a shirt off over my head and...

by User avatar One fast mustang

cat allegies in children symptoms

Hello. I'm 28 year old mother and I'm pretty worried for my little daughter. She is only 6 years old and recently developed some allergy-like symptoms. I really don’t know a lot about this and that’s why I need some help. You see, about five days ago my husband has bought a little cat and...

by User avatar Guest

pet allergies

Hi, I have a six years old son. He wants us to get him a dog. I am not such a fan of having pets, but beside that something else worries me. My son has never had close contact with any type of animal. What if he is allergic to dogs? Can you tell me something about pet allergies?

by User avatar deva31063

bird allergies

Hi, I have a friend who refuses to come over to my house because I have a canary. She says that she has bird allergy and that she can't be anywhere near them because her reactions are severe. I have never heard that a person can have a bird allergy. Does a condition like this really exist, or is my...

by User avatar ingaberg32096

Sulfonamide Allergy Shots

Answered by a doctor

I developed an allergy to all forms of sulfonamides from medications to the preservatives in foods. I went to an allergist and all he could do was confirm my allergy. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Are there allergy shots available?

by User avatar Merky76912

cat bite side effects

Answered by a doctor

can a cat bite make you not feel good?

by User avatar sherri