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home remedies for pnuemonia in children

Hi, My son is 2 1/2 years of age. Now he is suffering from can u give me some home tips to cure and the diet for my son Tahnks Raj

by User avatar siddhu

should I still have Shortness of breath/tight chest/rapid heartbeat after pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

I was seen in the ER last week for rapid heartbeat/chest pain. I was told I had pneumonia, given antibiotics/steroid injection, and released with a prescription for Medrol, and a Z pack.I finished my antibiotics this morning. ...I was feeling better yesterday, but today I have terrible pain down...

by User avatar CheSanSta316246

does my grandfather have pneumonia?

Answered by a doctor

:'( i dont know what to do about my 85 yr old grandpa he has cold/flu like symptoms loose bowels, slurred speech, he is weak has trouble staying up on his feet. he says his lungs ache..but he is devote christian scientist and wont go to doctors. What should i do?

by User avatar Guest

walking namonia

what is the difrence between namonia and walking namonia.

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Is hypersensitive pneumonitis the same as farmer lungs?

Hi, I would like you to answer me a question about my father. He is 76 years old and he has been having problem with his lungs. Actually, he has been diagnosed with the hypersensitive pneumonitis and I would like to know if that is the same thing as farmer lungs. He does live on a farm for more than...

by User avatar winonah49626

swollen tonfue

I have pnemonia which was found through blood not because i was sick because i thought i was having a panic attck, couldn't breath, anyways i just started taking lamactil, also, now mt tongue is bright red yesterday alittle whitish and swollen, went to dr's they said gargle w/ salt water, i have a...

by User avatar jennifer

how danerous is pnemonia

Answered by a doctor

My 14 years old son was diagnosed with pneumonia 5 days ago. I am so worried about him. I would like to know more about pneumonia. How dangerous is pneumonia? Will my son be ok?

by User avatar Guest

How to deal effectively with pneumonitis?

Hello, I hope you can help me with my father’s problem. He is 58 years old and he has been having problems with coughing and what is interesting, that symptom usually shows up on Monday. I spoke to a doctor on a phone and he said that it might be pneumonitis. How should we deal effectively...

by User avatar laverne204572383

I have been diagnosed with pneumonitis!

Hi, I am 47 years old and I have been diagnosed with hypersensitive pneumonitis. Can you tell me if that condition is dangerous or not? I have been working with different clothing materials and it seems that I have developed so called farmer lungs. I have already started with the therapy and I hope...

by User avatar addie187170947

Lung infection, chest pain

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone about 3 months ago I noticed a pain in my back like I'd over stretched , I went to my gp who sent for x ray and diagnosed me with a chest infection and gave me a course of ab s , then I hate to say I never followed the results up instead I paid for a course of physiotherapy who after 8...

by User avatar Guest