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Strep and Brochitis

I was just diagnosed with Strep throat and Bronchitis. My doctor prescribed me Azithromycin.My question is, does Azithromycin work well against Bronchitis? I've been reading different things online about how some people say it works great, others say it doesn't.

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I recently had outpatient surgery. Within 24 hours I developed double pnemonia. so seriouse that I could not breath on my own, I was in a coma and respirator for eight days. This is the second time this has happened to me. What is my problem?

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pneumonia in baby

Answered by a doctor

My baby is 7 months old, a boy. He has low grade fewer, runny nose and diarrhea. I thought it is just common cold, but now I suspect on pneumonia. I will take him to see doc but I would like to know what the symptoms of pneumonia in baby are. It is so difficult to tell. Help!!!

by User avatar cheri19437

how long

how long are you contagious when you pneumonia

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pain in my back where my lungs are after pnuemonia

i was took into hospital last december with pnuemonia and was in hospital for 2 weeks then on tablets for another 2 weeks and only recently i have been getting really bad pains in my back where my lungs are about. its really really painful was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem, the...

by User avatar amylouise

i've had pnmonia for 3 weeks could i have cracked a rib in process of coughinmg

Answered by a doctor

:'( i am i terrrible pain , is it possible to have crackd a rib during my coughing fits in the a last 4 weeks/ how do i take care of it? :'(

by User avatar kimmie

atypical pneumonia

Answered by a doctor

My friend has been diagnosed with atypical pneumonia, so I need to know what it means. How they mean atypical, is it the same as pneumonia or not? They told him that he is infected, but he said he doesn't understand how it happened and he wasn't given antibiotics for it.

by User avatar mendy25366

Licensed Childcare Provider with a case of Viral pnemonia

Answered by a doctor

Hi I am a licensed child care provider and I have a child who was diagnosed with Viral Pnemonia today. Should I be concerned that my 7mo. old child has a weeze and a almost 2 yr. old has avey bad cough? Also my 8 yr. old was sent home from school today with a low grade fever, she also has a cough,...

by User avatar sdyrstad

Do I have walking pneumonia or bronchitis?

So, for the last 5 days, maybe longer, I've had a cough that, during the day is dry but at night it produces sputum (clear or green). My throat is sore and some days I feel feverish (body aches, sweaty) Not all days though. There is pressure on my chest and recently the coughing is producing more...

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Answered by a doctor

how can you differentiate between bronchitis and pneumonia? my daughter 6 days ago had strep throat. she and i started taking amoxicillin. she got much better, while i declined into fevers and coughing up green phlegm. my doctor put me on levaquin and said it is probably a strep induced...

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